Photo Shoot – Project 31 Days of Swallowing Cum Shots

31 Days of Swallowing Cum Shots

Our 31 day cum shot challenge that went viral and inspired various articles from mainstream magazines and websites.  With all that attention we got cold feet and removed the photos.  The gift and the curse. However, things have calmed down and we have re-added a few of our favorites.  

After our “Merry XXXmas” photos, I knew I had to think of a new theme for the upcoming new year.  And what better way than to have “31 Days of Swallowing Cum Shots” for the month of January. Although his aim isn’t always the greatest and some may end up on my chest, lips, chin, nose, cheeks, hair, or eyes,  I am hoping to drink my husband’s cum for 31 days.

January 4 Cum Shot WM 2019The Plan:  31 Days of Swallowing Cum Shots

What I’ve perfected is making sure my husband’s balls are emptied out on a daily basis, sometimes twice. And because I ensure he cums, it seemed like a neat idea to share the different cum shots. Maybe I’ll even come up with new creative ways to swallow his cum.  I never get tired of making my husband cum.  As silly as it sounds, for me, it’s like a mini adventure getting him to orgasm.  And depending on where he is going to cum (e.g. my mouth, ass, or pussy) my dirty talk varies.  For these 31 days of swallowing cum shots, I anticipate he will go from pussy to mouth or ass to mouth as he cums.  This means if he’s going to have to move pretty quickly! And if he’s face fucking or if I’m deepthroating him, I have to keep myself from holding him down in my mouth and letting his cum shoot straight into my throat.  Why?  Because it wouldn’t be a very good photo shoot blog if we just had pictures of me and his dick totally dry because all of his cum is in my stomach right?

January 5 Cum Shot WM 2019The History: 31 Days of Swallowing Cum Shots

To be honest, I didn’t always eat cum with such a positive attitude.  I did it just to do it, but I didn’t have a strong interest or desire for it.  I understand why women don’t want to swallow their man’s cum because they don’t like the taste of semen.  But in my opinion, it’s like smoking a cigarette.  If you’ve ever smoked a cigarette, (even once and then never again) you coughed, gagged, maybe even spit up, maybe even so much so that you vowed to stay away from cigarettes once and for all.  Or you may have tried it again and again, succumbing to peer pressure and the need to fit in until eventually you develop an addiction to it.  My addiction has been one that came from the mutual understanding that my husband and I worship each other’s bodies.  I view everything about him as a temple.  The vitamins in his semen are a meal for me.  He keeps me alive.  Don’t feel sorry for me ladies.  I am not brainwashed.  My husband has a tattoo of my name on his penis, wears my used panties daily, and devotes himself and his time to me.  It’s how our circle works.  We have even made a cocktails with our bodies and drank a wonderful mix of each others’ body fluids.  

Sick huh? 

Love sick maybe.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

January 8 Cum Shot wm 2019This state of mind has given me a new outlook on swallowing my  husband’s cum.  Because now it turns me on knowing my man’s juices are sitting in his body ready to explode inside me.  Before, when I was “normal”, I couldn’t even tell him I wanted to taste his cum.  I had too much pride.  I didn’t want to seem slutty or show excitement.  I can’t explain why.  But now I will beg for him to feed me his fluids.  I love his reaction when I tell him I want my breakfast to be whatever is in his ball sack.   I love the thrill of going wild over his cum – rubbing it all over my breasts, gargling it, and letting it drip out of the corners of my mouth and down my neck while he watches me.  

So let’s see what swallowing him for an entire month does for us.

31 Days of Swallowing Cum Shots

Cum shots never get old. I will show you 31 reasons why.

After the 31 days I will do a quick update here on how the month went, how it was to drink him for a full month, and all the little bloopers I am sure we will go through along the way.

Lazy Sunday Drip 03 wm.jpgThe Conclusion:  31 Days of Swallowing Cum Shots

Since this project, we have turned our life into a intimacy project.  I make my husband cum twice a day, as a intimacy ritual.  We call this Our Circle.  Since this post, as of December 2019, we have been intimate twice a day, every day, since the publishing of this original blog in January 2013.   How is that for a challenge?  A 7 years of swallowing his cum twice a day challenge?  Although a bit of an exaggeration, we alternate where my husband cum goes.  By the way, obviously we do not participate in No Nut November.



POV – Face Fucking and Deep Throating

My throat as Ryan looks down and face fucks me.

Crazy ass deep throating.


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Photo shoot – Fedora Session part 1: Blowjob, Cumshot, & Swallow

This was our first official photo shoot, which we actually did for our Twitter followers. Twitter has a lot of great open-minded people who seem to be almost all complimentary, so it was very fun for us.  Prior to this photo shoot, most of our stuff was done for our own personal use using our cell phones to take photos and videos.  Some of the photos we take are screenshots from home movies or lower quality shots from our phones.  We are amateur so the quality cannot always be that great, but we are both into photography and artistic presentation, so sometimes we will have some good quality shots.

This photo shoot took place on November 7, 2012.  The session probably took about 45 minutes to an hour, totaling 500+ shots.  Although the footage doesn’t show it, Ryan actually came twice.  The first cumshot I kept my mouth deep on his penis while he came  so you could not see the cumshot on camera.  After he came, I played with his cum while he watched. After a few seconds, Ryan began to stroke again  (he has true multiple orgasms, which I will blog later).  He then came in my mouth a second time (included in this photo gallery), which you can clearly see.

We both felt the fedora was the perfect way to hide part of my face but still keep the vibe sexy.   Ryan and I both enjoyed this photo shoot and definitely have plans for future ones.

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The Best Movie Ever


Smack that buttery ass.

The best movie ever…and I have no idea what the movie was.  I remember Venice  and I sitting in the back of the theater, eating popcorn and watching the endless previews prior to the movie starting.  Venice was wearing a sexy sundress and smelling amazing.  Maybe it’s the smell of buttered popcorn and lotion, but I felt myself growing in my jeans like I was back in 6th grade.  Venice reached over, like she normally does, to playfully touch my crotch and say something cute about how she loves my penis.  As her hand touched, she stopped and looked at me.  Surprised at what she felt, she let her hand follow my hard shaft up to its head.  As she reached my belt, she felt my head, slightly sticking out my pantsline under my shirt.  Without looking around or caring, she immediately unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and freed my dick from its denim prison. She then puilled my pants lower so my balls can  flop out in the middle of the theater.  She was sitting to my left so her left hand is massaging my scrotum as she strokes my penis with  her right.  The previews now ending and the movie starting, she lowers her head into my lap and begins to put on the best show I’ve ever been to.  I reach around her back down to her ass, lift up her skirt and expose it to anyone who walks in.  I notice she isn’t wearing panties and my already painfully hard erection gets harder.  I slide my middle finger in her pussy and can feel the juices dripping down her lips.  At the same time, I am paranoid someone will see what we are doing, so I focus my mind on letting go of my cum as quick as I could.  The orgasm inside my balls is growing, her head is  moving wildly.  She takes her hands off my balls and puts both hands on my shaft as she strokes hard and sucks on my head.  I feel like I am going to cum and begin to lower myself in my chair.  She notices what is going and decides she wants to do more than just feel this rock solid penis between her lips: she wants it deep in her body. She lefts her skirt up and walks over to me lap.  She slowly  sits on my penis as I slide inside her wet vagina.  She begins to grind her hips and watch the movie at the same time.  I can feel the back of her pussy as she stirs her insides with my dick.  With each movement, I can feel the head of my penis bending back and forth, opening my penis hole to rub our insides together.   I cannot see the movie, just her shoulders, ass, and back of her head.   The orgasm feeling again grows and  I start to move a little in my seat.  She feels my movement and decides she needs to switch things up before I explode inside her.  She slowly puts her ass up, grabs my dick through her own legs, and puts my dick head on her asshole.  At this point I am ready to cum on her anus before I ever feel inside her.  My balls are aching and my penis feels like it’s going to rip out of it’s skin.  As she slides the tip of my head into her ass, she changes her mind and sits off to my left side.  She again starts stroking my dick and sucking. No longer able to hold off my orgasm, I release.  As I unload, I grab the back of her head and shove her face into my crotch.  She moans and slides her whole mouth over all of my penis as I pump into her throat.   I lean my head back against the wall and close my eyes.  She sucks her pussy juices off me and makes sure to clean any left over cum that is still dripping from my head. She then sits back, wipes my dick with the handful of movie theater napkins she typically grabs, and zips my pants back up.  When I open my eyes she is sitting to my left, not paying attention to me, eating popcorn and watching the movie.   She never looked more beautiful.

Making My Cum Hers

Pussy Whipped

Whip it real good.

My wife loves my semen. She may one day make a blog explaining what it is about this fluid that comes out of my penis that she loves so much, but for as long as we’ve been having sex, she hasn’t let me go a day without putting some of it in her body. Whether it be deepthroating and tube feeding my semen directly into her belly, cumming in her mouth and watching her play with it before she swallows, unloading everything in my prostate and balls into her vagina or ass, or pulling out after sex and letting her watch me shoot my large load into her hands so she can drink it in front of me, she loves my cum. I love her. In fact, the way she treats my body and fluids makes me think of her throughout the day. Maybe that is her plan. In the mornings, when she asks for me to cum in her, it usually sounds like, “Oh my god, cum in me so I can take you to work with me.” If I cum in her ass or vagina, she will clean her lips or ass, but she will not push my fluids out. During the day I will get a text message saying she feels me leaking down her legs or that my cum has soaked through the crotch of her panties. This drives me insane and keeps her on my mind. In fact, I think it keeps me wrapped around her finger. How does a woman have so much control over me, yet lets me release all my aggression and semen into her body daily? I used to have sex and know when I finished, the girl would blink in fear of my cum shots or make a funny face as she swallowed my juices. They didn’t love it, they did it because I had power over them and they wanted to please me. I was in complete control and my shots of semen were a symbol of my manhood. If they squinted because they were worried it would land on their face, I loved it. They had no control and no power over me. Did I love them? No. Probably because it was too easy. Probably because I couldn’t enjoy myself knowing they were faking the need for my manhood. Or maybe deep down inside I wanted to be a man, but have a balance. My wife is that balance. She makes me feel like such a man, a wanted man, yet I feel an endless amount of appreciation for the feelings she gives me. Sometimes I have to ask myself if my wife loves my cum or just loves to keep my whipped and loyal. She doesn’t squint before I cum, she pulls at my balls and demands I cum on her face and mouth. She doesn’t make a funny face before she swallows, she swallows and pulls at my penis and begs for more. If any of my cum drops on our bodies – between my fingers, on my balls, wherever – she immediately laps it up. If it gets on her chin, she’ll wipe it with the back of her hand and lick herself clean.  She has successfully turned me into a guy who cannot even watch porn without thinking of her and the things she does better than any “paid professional” do on video. 
A woman that makes your orgasm hers really has this relationship thing really figured out.