Deepthroating: My Experience Learning To Deepthroat w/ Video

The original video we uploaded to our xhamster actual account was deleted years ago. I hated how I looked, my weight, etc. However, the internet never forgets. We reuploaded the file for the blog.  Although not the most complimenting version of me, it is actually a few days after I learned to deepthroat.  Blog and video originally shared on ( November 9, 2012)  

I didn’t know or understand what deepthroating was the first time I heard about it.  I thought it was simply taking a dick into your mouth as far as you could, or rather, as far as your body would allow.  My husband would tell me to deepthroat him, so I’d press his dick down as hard as I can in the  back of my mouth for a few seconds and gag.  I thought if you gagged it was deepthroating.  I was happy that I could let him feel the back of my throat and show him I could gag for him.   He was happy to feel the back of my throat, and truthfully, he took pride in his dick making me gag.  Ladies, it really isn’t a necessity to learn to deepthroat, because the truth is, some men prefer to feel superior.  It’s an ego thing, and men want to conquer us in every way.  However, to deepthroat a man is conquering him.  It’s empowering.  Watching a man’s face when you make his pride and joy disappear before his very eyes and leave him with what looks like  you eating his vagina, is emasculating. But, these men, who get deepthroated, learn to pride themselves in their woman’s ability.  Their pride is transferred onto their partner being able to do what no other women could.  And, it takes a real man to realize that he met his match.   But there is much more to it. Deepthroating has become one of the most sought-after talents that I never knew I wanted to learn.

Upon researching forums asking “Can your girl deepthroat?” I’ve heard of men (and even women) calling deepthroaters “slutty” or “whores,” but these are probably men whose women are close-minded, prude, or just can’t suck their dicks right; on the other hand, a sex forum surveyed its users (please keep in mind, this is a very highly sexual group surveyed) and 1 girlfriend out of 10 in these men’s past, had this skill.   Out of their current relationships, it averaged about 9 out of the 100 men had current spouses or girlfriends who had this skill. Interesting stats, not sure how true it holds up if surveyed at a political forum or otherwise.  If this statistic were accurate, I wanted so bad to be that <10% of the talented few who could please her man.

Learning to deepthroat was a challenge for me, albeit a fun challenge.  Even before I started, my mind was ready to do it.  I just knew that I would be able to deepthroat so easily.  I knew that I would learn it quick and master it in a few minutes.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

For my first attempt, my husband, Ryan, was laying down while I was between his legs.  Even though my mind was open and willing, my body just wasn’t on the same page.  I did a little of my normal dick sucking, stroking while only going about two inches down.  It would only be a matter of time before I go “all the way down.”  I didn’t warm myself up.  I let his head go over the area where my hard palate ended, but as soon as I did, my body went into self-preservation mode, closed up my throat, and gagged his dick out.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but thinking back, that’s exactly what happened: my throat blocked off his cock as soon as I felt like I was in “danger.”  Even with me closing off my throat, I kept trying to force his dick down, and in doing so I was hurting my throat.  I was mentally accepting to the idea of deepthroating, but I wasn’t physically accepting…yet.  Needless to say, I failed that day.  I was disappointed, but since it was only my first attempt I would chalk it up as part of the learning process.

The next day I tried a different position.  Instead of being between his legs I would be on his left side.  I hoped that the contour of his dick would work better with the angle of my throat.  In theory, this position should have worked easily.  In theory.  I started off slow, licking and sucking seductively.  It was the only thing I knew.  But like the day before, I panicked, closed off the entrance to my throat, and gag reflex kicked in again and again.  I didn’t throw up, but a little bit of stomach acid crept up my throat.  As soon as I felt this, I hastily pushed it down toward the entrance yet again.  Imagine gargling mouthwash and how you block off your throat to keep from swallowing it – the area in your mouth that the mouthwash touches is the only area his dick touched, i.e. not down my throat.  I should have learned from the previous day’s attempt that it won’t work when you’re doing it in frustration.  At this point I didn’t realize that your mind and body have to be in sync to accomplish something.

I decided to stop for a day and reassess my strategies.  What was I doing wrong?  Is my throat too small?  Is his dick too long?  Too hard?  Am I a slow learner or am I just not destined to learn this?

So the next day I wanted to try it by 69ing with me on top.  I was determined to keep looking until I found a way to get this right.  I started off how I usually do: sucking and licking, getting myself warmed up, as well as my husband.  Then I let his dick head rub my hard palate, coaxing and getting myself used to it being back so far.  My throat skin was not used to having something rub against it.  I gagged, but I pushed myself to keep going, then pulled his dick out.  I worked his head to the same spot and I gagged again.  I tried a third time, but then I started coughing and gagging.  Once I get the tickle feeling in my throat it just worsened until finally I have to stop.  Which is exactly what happened.


After a few weeks of trying, I was finally a little more successful.  Ryan was my male cheerleader: “That’s it…keep going a little lower…oh! Almost got it!”  His talking was making me nervous and throwing me off so I told him to be quiet and just let me work.  I closed my eyes, relaxed my throat muscles and my jaw bone, and let his dick head slowly creep onto my soft palate.  That wasn’t too bad, I thought to myself.  I pulled back and sucked and licked a bit.  After about a minute I was ready to try again.  His head glided over my soft palate again, this time getting very close to my tonsils.  I let it linger over the soft palate before finally popping it toward my uvula (the little flap of skin that hangs down that looks like a boxing speed bag) and for the first time, dipping down into my throat.  As I felt his dick hitting the back of my throat, then curve down and slide deeper into my esophagus, my husband asks, “Did you do it?  Did it go down your throat?”  Upset that he couldn’t tell, I pull up off his dick and ask, “What do you think?!”  What did I expect?  He’d never felt his dick deepthroated and I had never deepthroated.  I was so excited that I finally did it!  It happened so fast!  Once you get passed the threshold where your throat wants to reject his dick, you just have to push it back.  Like pulling a Band-Aid…you have to do it fast or you’ll feel fear and dread the entire time.

One of my biggest concerns was choking and coughing and not being able to pull his dick out in time so I end up biting down on him (which has never happened).  Feeling a cock in your throat is kind of like feeling of suspending the food in your throat.  Try it yourself.  Eat a piece of bread and swallow, but try to keep it from going down your throat.  You can’t.  Why?  Your throat muscles automatically push food down to keep your windpipe clear and allow air to pass in and out.  If you could keep food in your throat and go against your body’s reaction to keeping your throat clear, that is the feeling of deepthroating, which may be why a reason why it’s such difficult skill to learn.

During this session, I deepthroated a few times, trying to get my accustomed to this new accomplishment.  It wasn’t anything as impressive as what I do now as far as techniques.  I didn’t push my face all the down into his crotch, I didn’t do the “washing machine” technique, or any of the others that I can do now, but as they say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Once I realized 69ing was the best platform to get accustomed with deepthroating, I knew I had to try that position again.  It was my best chance.  By now I’d been practicing for a few days and despite not learning to deepthroat as fast as I’d hoped, I was still determined.  I mounted my man and stuffed my mouth with his cock.  I felt my mouth getting fuller and fuller as it expanded.  I waited until he was at 80% fully erect.  I lathered up his cock with my spit and lowered my mouth down.  My confidence had been building since I believed I had already deepthroated several days before this moment.  It was muscle memory of sorts.  Was I able to do it this day?  Yes!  I felt his head pop past the soft flesh in the back of my mouth and down into my throat.  I pulled him out, and did it again. And again. And again. My husband had no doubt that this was deepthroating.  True deepthroating.  I bobbed my head faster, easier.  Not necessarily further down.  But I was doing it!  I felt Ryan stop sucking my clit as he wanted to enjoy every second his dick plunged into a place no dick has ever been.  Ryan didn’t cum; he could cum any time he wanted.  It wasn’t everyday he would feel his wife finally learn to deepthroat for the first time.


Continued: Deepthroating A Dildo The Size of My Forearm

 Originally posted on Nov 9, 2012.

Song Lyrics Meaning – “Good Kisser” by Usher

Usher-Justin-BieberUsher is great. I like Usher. I don’t like him like him, but I like Usher. In the way I like Olive Garden: I don’t willingly and actively dine there on a regular basis and it’s not my favorite restaurant, but if we go there for an office luncheon, it’s pretty dang good.

One of my favorite Usher songs is “Good Kisser.” It’s a pretty innocent title. If my seven-year-old nephew were to sing it in a falsetto voice, I’d think he was pretty dang adorable. But as I played the 50 songs on my “most played tracks” playlist, this song was around song #28. Good kisser, eh? This song is not about people kissing. I really, truly think it’s about sucking cock.

I done been around the world, I done kissed a lot of girls […] and I bet a million dollars don’t nobody kiss it like you.

He’s telling us that he’s had a lot of girlfriends in the past (what a whore). And because of this, we’re led to believe that he is a great candidate, if not THE leading authority, for male promiscuity. When you’ve “been around the world” like he has, it’s hard to question him. So he’s “kissed a lot of girls,” a.k.a. got his dick sucked by them. But now that he’s with his current girlfriend, he is paying homage to her cut-above-the-rest dick sucking skills. That’s how it should be. Never put an ex or anyone in the past on a pedestal.

The devil is a lie, Them other girls can’t compete with mine.

The devil represents the collective women before her and the experiences with them. She’s self-conscious about competing with not just one of them, but all of them. But he’s quick to say they cannot compete with her:

You do it so good, you fuck my mind.

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POV – Face Fucking and Deep Throating

My throat as Ryan looks down and face fucks me.

Crazy ass deep throating.


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Oral Sex Techniques

OralOral Sex Techniques

Fellatio [fuh-ley-shee-oh]: noun
1. oral stimulation of the penis, especially to orgasm

Oral sex is a powerful tool which can be used during foreplay or by itself to bring your man to full ejaculation.  It’s not as simple as putting your mouth on a dick and making him cum with by pure will and stamina.  The first section includes helpful tips to help build your fellatio game. The second section is different techniques.  Try these on your man and see what he likes.  Once you’ve mastered one, move on to the next one.  Eventually you will be combining two or more during oral sex, giving yourself more “bed cred.”  

1.   Positioning.  Find a position that will allow you to be comfortable.  This is probably the most basic trick you’ll have to master when it comes to oral sex because if you’re not comfortable, he won’t be either.  One way is to have him sit on the couch while you kneel on the floor between his legs.  This position is comfortable for the both of us.  The only shortfall is having to transition to the bed.  I used to have a lot of trouble sucking my man off when he was laying on the bed.  When I’m facing him and between his legs, my neck tends to get tired, my forearm muscles get numb, and shoulders get cramped.  I ended up having to constantly change positions, stop and go again and again, which disrupted him, throwing him off.  I found a simple solution to this problem: shit talking.

2.  Shit-talking.  Talking shit to your man is filler time.  This gives your mouth, neck, jaw, back and all areas which tend to ache with short, but repetitive use, a little bit of recovery time.  If I need a break from the bobbing, the sucking, the deepthroating, I stop.  But I don’t just sit there and do nothing.  I stroke his dick.  I massage under his prostate.  I run my fingers up and down his thighs.  I press down on his ass hold. And now that my mouth is free, I shit-talk.  “Tell me you want my mouth back on your dick.”  “Don’t look at me.  Keep your eyes closed before I put a pillow on your face.” “You want to cum in my mouth bad, don’t you?  Be patient, and I might let you.”  Talking shit empowers you when you’re in a position that is traditionally submissive.  Go ahead.  Ask him, “Who sucks your dick better than me?” and see what he says.

3.  Get into it.  Show your enthusiasm.  Let your man know you love sucking his di ck.  Moan with his dick in your mouth.  It may sound like you’re saying, “Mmm..mmMMmm..mmmmm. Mmm-hmmm. Mmmmmmm…!” But what you’re really saying is, “Oh, my God, yes! Give me some more of this juicy dick.” When you get the chance to shit talk, you don’t have to actually say words.  You can moan with pleasure, too!  If your man knows you absolutely love him in your mouth, it helps with the excitement.  

4.  Tell him what you’re doing.  And similarly, tell him what you’re going to do or want to do.  You know what you’re doing.  He knows what you’re doing.  It’s obvious you’re performing oral sex.  But what exactly are you doing?  “You like it when I stroke your dick fast like this?  Or slow like this?” “I’m going to take this froth off your dick and use it like lipstick.”  “Should I put both your balls in my mouth or just one?” “I’m going to sit on your face and make you suck on my clit.”  Bombard him with the nasty things you want to do to him.  

5.  Describe what’s going on with his body.  I didn’t realize until Ryan asked me one day as I was stroking him, “Is my dick hard?”  It took me by surprise because I figured he’d be able to tell by the way my hand moved up and down on his shaft.  So from then on, I made it a point to give him a play-by-play of what his body was doing. “You’re starting to get thick and heavy in my mouth.  I can feel it growing every time I suck hard.  You like when I lick right there, don’t you?  Because I can see your goose bumps.  Your balls are moving up and tightening.  You’re ready to cum now, aren’t you?”  Not only is he feeling what’s going on, but now you’ve given him a visual with his kinesthetic experience.

 6.  “Give” him control.  Ladies, whether you realize it or not, you have so much power.  When a man lets you between his legs, he is entrusting you with the most cherished part of his own body.  You are the one between his legs. You are the one who dictates how fast or slow you move, and therefore, how quickly he can cum.  You are certainly the ones in control and your man knows it.  Change things by role-reversing.  “Baby, please let me have your cum? Do  you want me to beg you?  Ok then, please give me your cum?  I’ve been  a good girl today, I need to have it.  I need to taste it, please!  Don’t keep your cum to yourself.  If I deepthroat your cock, will you give me your hot cum?” I may even go so far as whining for it, like a little kid begging his mama for a new toy.

7.  Look!  No hands!  Let go of his penis completely and pretend you’re a contestant on Fear Factor: Fellatio Edition.  Start by putting your mouth on the base and nibble your way up like it’s an ear of corn.  If it drops, start over. Hold his dick skin between your lips like you’re rolling lipstick (be careful not to pinch him too hard) and “swing” it back and forth.  Slide up as high as you can and down as low as you can without using your hands.  It becomes a challenge to not use your hands to control where his dick goes, especially when it’s hard. But you can display your oral talents without the use of anything but your mouth.

8.  Look!  Both hands!  You have two hands.  Use them!  If you have a free  hand, use it to cup the balls, press down on his prostate area, do something.  I like to use both hands to grab my man’s dick, right hand over left like I’m holding a bat.  Slowly twist your hands in a circular motion, in opposite directions.  Don’t grab tight or else you’ll end giving him an Indian burn.  Finally, put your mouth on his dick head and suck (how much head you can put in your mouth is dependent on the size of your man).  There are many ways to use both hands; the possibilities are endless.


More Oral Sex Techniques

In addition to the above, there are so many oral techniques I use on Ryan, so this section will be updated often.  As you can see, deepthroating is a prerequisite to many of these techniques, therefore adding to the variety for and pleasure to Ryan.  

Deepthroating in and of itself is a technique that requires a lot of skill and therefore has its own article dedicated to it (see article “Deepthroating – My Introduction”)

Face fucking is also a stand-alone technique (see article “Face Fucking”) and a favorite of mine.  Remember, face fucking doesn’t necessarily have be done is a submissive position; you can stand, kneel, squat, etc.  Once you become more experienced, you’ll be able to gauge at which points your throat can handle the ramming of an erect dick.

Ball tickler. Using one hand, you will be holding both balls and his penis.  Bend the penis before it gets to hard and arm it up.  Pull and stretch both balls up near his penis head. This will create both balls and the penis head to all be in one area.  You can lick down the middle and lick his head and balls at the exact same time.  If your mouth is big enough (or he is small enough), it might be possible to put both balls and his penis head in your mouth at the same time.  I cannot do this, but it’s definitely possible.   I like to do this especially when Ryan has just shaved his balls.  Fun fact: the skin on the penis and the scrotum are the same.

Figure 8.  [A prerequisite to this technique is deepthroating]  Performing a Figure 8 may be uncomfortable, so I don’t recommend you do this unless you’re 100% comfortable with your throat and what you can handle.  Once you’re all the way down, turn your head side to side in a figure 8 pattern.  I say that this may be uncomfortable because his dick is going to hit all sides of your throat causing a clicking sensation in your neck.

The frenulum is the underside of the penis.  Slowly licking the frenulum hits a sensitive spot on a man.

Give him a vagina. [A prerequisite to this technique is deepthroating] This technique is for the more experienced deepthroaters. I’ve seen pictures from his point of view and it really does look like he has a vagina, like his penis is completely gone. 

Hickey. This involves sucking your man’s dick very hard as if you’re giving him a hickey.  Hold the sucking tightness and slowly move your mouth off his dick.  The suction should be enough to where you’d leave a hickey if this were to be done on his neck.  It is very intense, so make sure your partner likes this type of sensation.  Sometimes Ryan likes it slow and soft, sometimes he asks me to suck the skin off his cock.

Jugular. This technique is easier to do while his dick isn’t completely hard. To correctly do this technique, you’ll have his dick in your mouth (not necessarily deep toward your throat) while simultaneously licking his balls. As you can imagine, the harder your man is, the harder it would be to do this. And conversely, the smaller his dick is, even when he’s fully erect, the more of his dick will fit in your mouth as you lick his balls.  This is called jugular because he won’t be in your throat, but rather it will “feel” like he’s in your neck.

Jump rope. This is when you keep his dick in your mouth while licking his body in a 360 degree angle; his dick will move clockwise. Start licking at 12 o’clock; your tongue will be on right side of his dick. As you move clockwise, your tongue will end up on the left side. When it does, you pull your tongue back into your mouth and over to the original starting position (on the left side).

Hummer. [A prerequisite to this technique is deepthroating] By now you’ve realized that a true deepthroat won’t allow you to breathe. But there is a point before the actual deepthroat where you can breathe. When you get to that point, start to hum. This causes a vibration on his dick and, according to Ryan, tickles in a good way.

Murder sounds.  [Prerequisites to this technique are deepthroating, jugular, woodpecker and/or washing machine]  To get a real good murder sound, you’ll have to have your man’s dick in your throat, but as you come up, try to “talk.”  You won’t be able to of course, but it will sound like you’re being murdered, drowned, choked, etc.  It’s a turn on to appear to be dominated.  I like to “scream” as loud as I can when being deepthroated because it is, to me, a self-inflicted masochistic maneuver.

Another variation is drowning Instead of going down as far as you can onto his dick, go down about an inch into a deepthroat and bob up and down in short, quick bursts before coming up for about one second. Repeat.   Each time you come up, breath and“scream.”  To me, it sounds as if someone is trying to drown me.

Nose diving.   [A prerequisite to this technique is deepthroating]  This is a 69 position with Ryan on the bottom.  As his dick is in my throat, I lift up my legs and my nose is buried in his balls.  Knowing your man’s dick and how it’s shaped will help in learning how to nose dive.

Pee hole.  This is merely sticking the tip of your tongue as far as you can down his urethra (a.k.a. the pee hole).  It’s a simple and pleasurable technique, for some men.  Some guys may not like the sensation, as my husband has said it feels very  unnatural tp feel tongue slide inside his body.  He loves it, depending on the mood he is in.  Know your man’s penis and his moods.

Washing machine. [A prerequisite to this technique is deepthroating] The washing machine is similar to the woodpecker, but instead of coming up a few inches, you’ll come up as high as you can while keeping his dick in your mouth, then going back all the way down. Do this repeatedly.  When you get really good at this, you will be slamming your nose into his pubic bone, then moving all the way off his dick until you feel his head touch your lips, then sliding it all the way back down again.  As you move up and down, you can also twist your head and put his dick through the spin cycle.  This is a very high-level technique because of the roughness on your throat.  Have fun, find the right angle, and be careful.   

Woodpecker. [A prerequisite to this technique is deepthroating] Once you’ve learned “give him a vagina,” you’ll be able to do the woodpecker. The woodpecker requires you to put your nose to his crotch as you deepthroat, but as you come up, you’ll only lift up about two inches and then go back down. Do that repeatedly and you have the woodpecker.  This technique is very similiar to the washing machine, except you barely come off the penis and he can feel your nose almost like vibrating on his crotch and pubic bone.

If this wasn’t enough for you and you want to see everything there is to know about giving the perfect blow job, read The Blow Job Bible.

The Best Movie Ever


Smack that buttery ass.

The best movie ever…and I have no idea what the movie was.  I remember Venice  and I sitting in the back of the theater, eating popcorn and watching the endless previews prior to the movie starting.  Venice was wearing a sexy sundress and smelling amazing.  Maybe it’s the smell of buttered popcorn and lotion, but I felt myself growing in my jeans like I was back in 6th grade.  Venice reached over, like she normally does, to playfully touch my crotch and say something cute about how she loves my penis.  As her hand touched, she stopped and looked at me.  Surprised at what she felt, she let her hand follow my hard shaft up to its head.  As she reached my belt, she felt my head, slightly sticking out my pantsline under my shirt.  Without looking around or caring, she immediately unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and freed my dick from its denim prison. She then puilled my pants lower so my balls can  flop out in the middle of the theater.  She was sitting to my left so her left hand is massaging my scrotum as she strokes my penis with  her right.  The previews now ending and the movie starting, she lowers her head into my lap and begins to put on the best show I’ve ever been to.  I reach around her back down to her ass, lift up her skirt and expose it to anyone who walks in.  I notice she isn’t wearing panties and my already painfully hard erection gets harder.  I slide my middle finger in her pussy and can feel the juices dripping down her lips.  At the same time, I am paranoid someone will see what we are doing, so I focus my mind on letting go of my cum as quick as I could.  The orgasm inside my balls is growing, her head is  moving wildly.  She takes her hands off my balls and puts both hands on my shaft as she strokes hard and sucks on my head.  I feel like I am going to cum and begin to lower myself in my chair.  She notices what is going and decides she wants to do more than just feel this rock solid penis between her lips: she wants it deep in her body. She lefts her skirt up and walks over to me lap.  She slowly  sits on my penis as I slide inside her wet vagina.  She begins to grind her hips and watch the movie at the same time.  I can feel the back of her pussy as she stirs her insides with my dick.  With each movement, I can feel the head of my penis bending back and forth, opening my penis hole to rub our insides together.   I cannot see the movie, just her shoulders, ass, and back of her head.   The orgasm feeling again grows and  I start to move a little in my seat.  She feels my movement and decides she needs to switch things up before I explode inside her.  She slowly puts her ass up, grabs my dick through her own legs, and puts my dick head on her asshole.  At this point I am ready to cum on her anus before I ever feel inside her.  My balls are aching and my penis feels like it’s going to rip out of it’s skin.  As she slides the tip of my head into her ass, she changes her mind and sits off to my left side.  She again starts stroking my dick and sucking. No longer able to hold off my orgasm, I release.  As I unload, I grab the back of her head and shove her face into my crotch.  She moans and slides her whole mouth over all of my penis as I pump into her throat.   I lean my head back against the wall and close my eyes.  She sucks her pussy juices off me and makes sure to clean any left over cum that is still dripping from my head. She then sits back, wipes my dick with the handful of movie theater napkins she typically grabs, and zips my pants back up.  When I open my eyes she is sitting to my left, not paying attention to me, eating popcorn and watching the movie.   She never looked more beautiful.