Dirty Talk: Gang Banged by a Bunch of Old Men

Gang Banged by a Bunch of Old Men

The Dirty Talk Intro & Disclaimer:  Everything in the story below is random and created on the spot while talking dirty to my husband.  No filters, no rules, no boundaries, just a story and situation created to help turn us both on.  All dirty talk is pure fantasy.    On this blog we will get into the idea of me being gang banged by a bunch of old men. 

During these talks, I am usually massaging my husband with coconut oil.  Much like a handjob but we talk back and forth and go over various sexual ideas.  The fun part is, I can almost get inside his head and control his fantasies, dirty thoughts, and talk him into an orgasm in the exact moment my story hits it’s climax.  Every story is to the best of my memory, as I do not know remember all the exact details to our conversations.

After I get him to orgasm and my juices are flowing, we shut up and I get my turn!  I won’t write about the follow up, as we don’t talk while I cum.  Through sex, oral, or a wand, I will quickly get my own release…if the story was real good.

Dirty Talk:  Gang Banged by a Bunch of Old Men

I am in a room with a bunch of old guys and I can tell they want to fuck me.  

describe them…

They are all over 70, grey hair, nude.  One is skinny with a smaller slim penis, tight balls, and a salt and pepper grey bush.  I can almost see his skeleton frame as he is very slim.  (Guy 1)

Another one is build like a square, not chubby, but you can tell he used to be muscular.  He has a bit of a belly and his shoulders are wide.  His penis is small in length but thick.  He also has tight balls like he is already ready to cum.  (Guy 2)

does he have crotch hair?

He has a huge bush that is also salt in pepper.   All the men have crotch hair.  I find them all sexy and prefer to see them hairy.

what about the other guys?

The 3rd guy is tall and slim.  His balls are extremely big and hang very low.  His penis isn’t small, but his balls hang much lower. (Guy 3)

do you find older guys sexy?

I love older men.  They are probably my biggest kink. 

do you want to be fucked by a bunch of older men?


The 4th guy is short with a normal size frame.  Like he kept himself in shape.  He has the biggest penis of the group.  It is thick and about 6 inches long.  His balls are also loose and hanging.  I can tell when he fucks me I will feel his balls slapping against me. (Guy 4)

does that turn you on?

Yes, I love it when I can feel your balls slapping against me.  Or laying on my face while I am being face fucked.

keep going…

The last guy looks like Ron Jeremy when he is old.  He is hairy all over.  His balls are small and tight and his penis looks proportional to his body. (Guy 5)

what do they do to you?

Guy 1 comes over to my face and sticks his dick in my mouth.  I grab his small balls and start to stroke under them as I suck his dick.  He immediately gets hard.  I notice that all the guys are touching themselves and started to get hard all around me.

did you want the small skinny guy in your mouth first?


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Random Moments With Us – Sexy Times With Gyros

gyrosThe other day I brought Ryan lunch. Nothing exciting – just a salad for him and a few eggrolls for me. We’re both trying to eat healthier, lighter, and in more reasonable amounts. We each took a few bites of our meals and fed a few more to each other. He asked for one of my eggrolls and I reluctantly gave one to him. He then offered me one of his slices of Texas toast, which I took even though I didn’t want it. I knew something was off for him. He put the lid back on his salad and said, “Let’s go get a gyro.”

“A gyro?” There was a little hole-in-the-wall Mom and Pops shop that sold hot dog, salads, and gyros, among other things. He had one several weeks ago and he raved about it. So we packed up our food and we drove down the street for a gyro.  “You know they’re made with lamb meat, right?” I asked.

“If they are, this shit is good!” he said.

“I haven’t seen any lamb around here in all the years we’ve been here. Actually, I think that hot dog shop signed an affiliation agreement with the local animal shelter,” I told him.

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A Beautiful Cock


Venice Bloggs and him Twitter promo pic

Artwork.  For me, artwork is looking down at Venice’s naked ass in front of me as I watch my cock go in and out of her body, either hole.  Artwork is hearing her moans, which is usually the only soundtrack to our sex sessions.  Shooting cum onto my canvas, her body, is also my idea of artwork.   Most men probably feel this way, but I have my own fetish ideas of artwork that may not be normal.  I like the way my balls hang and slap against Venice’s body when we fuck.  I like the way any man’s balls slap against a woman’s body.   In fact, I get more excited thinking about how my balls look and sound than anything else going on during sex sometimes.  I feel a growing penis, halfway erect, is artwork.  I feel a penis is artwork.  I love watching myself half growing in Venice’s hand or mouth.   As much as I love her body, I love watching parts of my own body react to her body.  This is probably a fetish and why I consider myself “open minded”.   I have never done anything with another guy, but I will openly admit that watching another man with his partner would turn me on. I love to watch how both bodies function. I love how a flaccid penis looks.  I love the anatomy of how nipples get erect and a penis grows.  I love to watch a woman’s asshole squeeze as she cums.  I love to watch how the hidden hard dick under a man’s balls, twitches, releasing each cumshot into his shaft and out of his body.  This is artwork for me.  I describe the above as being a body enthusiast.  I can appreciate the beauty of a hard penis, but that doesn’t mean I want to suck it.  The same as I can appreciate a great painting doesn’t mean I want to be a painter.  However, it gives me a great appreciation for what Venice does with her mouth and body.  I can watch her and understand she isn’t just sucking my dick or fucking me, she is making art.  Silly right?

A dick is beautiful and any real woman should want it just as much as the man it’s attached to.  When I was young and would grab my dick, it was almost like it had a life of its own.  I had to hide it from everyone, even myself.  If I was ever caught even touching it, it was wrong and inappropriate.  This thing that hangs openly between my legs, like a whole other limb on our body and we absolutely cannot acknowledge its existence.  So when we finally get a few moments alone, we pull it out and study it.  I would squeeze it and look at the head, and know one day it would be inside a girl’s body and she would love it as much as I loved the thought.  I’d stroke my dick and notice every vein, every curve, every ripple, and excitedly wait to see my semen shoot out from its beautiful head.  I didn’t just think this once, I thought this daily.  After a shower, I would get out and look in the mirror, loving how my dick and balls hang.  I always trimmed myself and kept my penis presentable.  In the bathroom, every time we pee, we grab our dicks proud, feeling if it’s fat from a previous erection or thinned out and shriveled.  If it’s thinned out, it’s a bit depressing, because we love our dicks and we definitely do not like the idea of it being small and malnourished.  Silly right?

We grow up.

Now, as a man, I am supposed to be okay with a woman loving me but not being totally attracted to my penis?   I am supposed to be okay with a woman who doesn’t suck on my dick like it’s the most gorgeous tool she has ever laid her eyes on?  This dick, that I have waited years to share with another person, is an extension of me.  This isn’t just a fucking piece of meat that grows when you take your clothes off, it’s my manhood.  It’s what makes me a man.  It’s artwork.

 I don’t think most women get it.

Fortunately, Venice gets it.  She gets how my mind works and how my penis reacts.   She won’t just tell me my penis is huge, she will describe each inch of it, the same as I would do in my head as a kid.  She will lick down and follow each vein until it disappears into my body, and find another one to trail back up with her tongue to my gland.  She will softly massage my cock for an hour straight, caressing around my legs and balls, studying how it grows and gets soft in her hands.   She loves my dick.   I do not say this as some naïve statement where she has the wool over my eyes and I do not know better, because she didn’t always love my dick.  I know the difference.  She needed time to understand me.  She needed time to get how her man thought.  She is a woman, crafty and adaptive, making sure she keeps what is hers, hers.  I’m hers.

Thankfully Venice also knows how to talk to me.  Maybe, if her husband wasn’t such an enthusiast she could get away with screaming out during sex that she loves my large cock, which, like with most couples, is how she learned to talk dirty from the beginning.   She now leaves that play out of the playbook.   She says things like, “Oh god, you are only halfway in and I can already feel you in the back of my pussy.” She doesn’t have to be vague and say I am big, she can describe what we are doing and still get her point across.  “I can feel your head rubbing against my back walls and your pee hole opening so our insides are touching.”  As she says something like this, I can also feel my pee hole being opened as she grinds her body in circles, my dickhead rubbing her back walls and smashing around inside her.  She doesn’t just talk dirty, she talks anatomy.  She describes my body and its functions to get me off.  She reaches for my balls and tells me how heavy they feel, and that she can feel my cum inside them.  She notices my balls bouncing off her ass or vagina and describes what she feels, even suggesting that she bets all that cum in my balls is splashing around inside them.   When she talks about my sperm, she says things like she will squeeze as hard as she can while I cum, so she can feel each squirt travel through my entire dick and into her body.  If I am in her ass, this isn’t just talk, as we can both feel my sperm slowly travel up my shaft through the tightness, into her body.  The ass seems to be much more sensitive to detail, as she can feel the ridges in my gland, my large veins under my penis, my balls twitches on her butt cheeks as I cum, and each shot of my sperm being left inside her.   A paragraph or a sentence can’t capture the moments, because the entire point was she doesn’t go off a script.  It’s hard to type random comments or behavior, as they constantly change.   Her shit talk is part of our sex, as she describes what she thinks is going on with our bodies, rather than just saying she wants to be fucked harder.  The dialogue changes with each session, which shows me she isn’t off in space somewhere moaning out words to get me off, rather, she is very much in tuned with our bodies and trying to capture with words, what is going on.  Her shit talk is cerebral.  She knows this makes me tick, as she can say something as simple as, “show me where you like to cum”, and I will dig deeper in her body, without her needing to say the cliché, “go deeper”.  She has her own language and we both get it.

Learn each other, learn to love his beautiful cock, and learn to speak your own language.  Your man’s dick is your dick forever, take pride in it.