Q&A: How do I tell my boyfriend that I don’t want to be throat fucked every night?


Q&A: How do I tell my boyfriend that I don’t want to be throat fucked every night?

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. Prior to our relationship, he had been in a committed relationship for basically all of his adult life, whereas I have been in numerous shorter-term relationships. He tells me ex was not adventurous in bed – basically only missionary sex, literally nothing else. I’m much more open minded and experienced with other types of sex and enjoy some kinkier things. However, I’ve never pushed any of this on him because he never seemed comfortable with it (for example, early on in the relationship, I pulled his hair during sex and he told me after not to be so rough) and I’m otherwise very happy with our sex life.

My man caught a nice buzz one night recently and a whole new side of him emerged. He threw me around, held me down, choked me – generally played the dominator role and I was REALLY into it. I came super fast. In this adventure, he discovered that he’s really into forcing me to deep throat him and making me gag on his dick – he had me do it for quite some time that night, and I didn’t mind it given how thrilling and sexy the whole evening was.

After all was said and done, we were both super happy that night. It honestly felt like we were brought closer together in this experience because he was finally comfortable enough with me/himself to explore a new side to sex. It was awesome.

However… since then, all he wants to do is throat fuck me. Every time we’ve had sex since, he’s forced me to do it. I’ve played along so far because I don’t want to discourage him, but I really don’t enjoy having this done to me all of the time. I told him the night that it first happened that it’s something I don’t mind mixing into our sexual routines as long as we still do some of the other things we like as well – but he was still pretty drunk at that point, so maybe he doesn’t recall that caveat. I don’t know.

My question – when do I say something again? I feel like I should just play the supportive girlfriend role for a little while so he can keep building his confidence up, but I literally couldn’t even get wet last night because choking on his dick was something I was just NOT in the mood for, but it happened.

I would hate to see my boyfriend lose this newfound confidence because I handle this poorly.

Venice’s response to throat fuck

Great question, easy answer.  Tell him, in a non sexual setting, that you are not interested in getting your tonsils beat up and stabbed each time you guys have sex.  Let him know that although you love it, doing it each time takes away the thrill.  Much like how he didn’t like missionary sex each time in his previous relationship, you don’t like being throat fucked each time.  It becomes less sexy and spontaneous, and more of a routine.   You don’t want your sex to become a routine.  This shouldn’t be that hard to understand, especially since you are using an analogy that compares to how he felt about missionary sex.

Trust me on this, when your boyfriend was 16, missionary sex, or even thinking about missionary sex, wasn’t boring.  Sex isn’t boring.  A routine is.   Do not make your sexual positions a routine.  

Good luck!

Ryan’s response to throat fuck

I really doubt your boyfriend will lose his confidence because you don’t want to be throat fucked every time you have sex.   Just let him know that it is sexy to change things up.  One day it should be soft and sensual.  The next day it should be quick and easy.  The next day it could be throat fucking until you vomit all over his lap and finishing him with a hand job that uses your vomit as lube.  

Face Fucking Until I Vomit

FACE FUCKING:  Aggressive deepthroat fellatio (see previous article:  Face Fucking)

IRRUMATION:  The act of thrusting of the penis between the legs, breasts, feet, upper thighs (also known as interfemoral sex), mouth and throat, or between the abdomens of two partners. In the ancient Roman sexual vocabulary, irrumatio is strictly a form of os impurum, oral sex, in which a man forces his penis into someone else’s mouth, almost always that of another man.

These are both good definitions, but I will lean toward the second definition as I believe face fucking connotes a very forceful and passionate sexual act.

I’ve seen many amateur face fucking videos of all types: some where a girl is on her knees and takes no more than two inches in her mouth, another where she’s sitting on a couch and the guy is standing over her, and some where she’s got her head off the edge of the bed or couch.  When the guy holds her head and tries to fuck her face, she fights a little as she cannot take it all in.  It seems like they both enjoy the back and forth struggle.  However, at times the girls will jerk their heads back and give a quick look of “Damn, you asshole!  Don’t do it so rough!”   I know it’s just for show and as soon as the camera turns off, she cringes and complains.  I used to be really judgmental, saying things like, “But she’s not even taking him at least halfway down!”  It seemed that I forgot that I was physically able to only do what those girls did, if not much less. I remember when I could only suck to the bottom of Ryan’s circumcision scar — gagging immediately if I tried to take more.  

I did like the idea of the act – the violence, the aggression, the brute force of a man’s hips slamming his dick into my face and down my throat.  When I first started learning to face fuck, I was uncertain of who I was or what I was allowed to enjoy without being judged by Ryan, so I remember being hesitant in embracing it.  I also remember my first time trying.  I read that this face fucking technique, hanging your head off the bed, made it easier to learn deep throat.  It gave the penis a smoother path down your throat.   I remember Ryan fucking my face, and for the first time in my life, I felt in danger.  It wasn’t Ryan’s intentions, but as he pumped his hips in and out and got harder with each thrust, I no longer had any control.  If I closed my throat like I used to, his erection and sleek penis head would pry open my throat and tongue like a fleshy crowbar, and force its way inside.   The penis was built for this.  It scared me.  I remember feeling him cum with his balls smashed against my face, watching his ass hole pucker up with each cum shot, and feeling his hard dick jerk inside my throat.  Whether I wanted to swallow or not, was no longer an option.  I took his cum forever.

It’s not that I would get mad at Ryan for being the aggressor, because I like that.  It was the fact I lost all control.  As a young woman, I had to feel like I had some sort of control.  Even if it was my enthusiasm, I wanted to make sure Ryan knew I was in control.  With face fucking, there is no control or emotion.  Your face gets used and fucked with very little emotional connection.  As soon as I understood how my body and his body worked (my mind was accepting of face fucking as something I wanted to learn), I could not be stopped.  The more I realized I would drip and even squirt from being face fucked, I knew it was something I secretly desired.  It’s now my favorite position.  In bed, I love this absolutely powerless position.

So as I watched more and more face fucking videos (although normally I didn’t just watch porn when I learned to deep throat, I practically studied clips), I came upon one where a girl had her head hanging off the edge of the bed.  I thought it was going to be a humdrum face fuck, when suddenly her gag reflex kicked in and she threw up all over herself.  And being upside down, it was all over her face, nose, eyes…everywhere!  Chunks of food spewing and coating her face, as if someone threw a melted ice cream sundae with peanuts at her!  I don’t have a vomit fetish and seeing it didn’t give me a new goal, but it was her persistence and lack of fear and shame that I came to appreciate.  I don’t even remember if he came or not, but I know it is probably one of the impressive things I’ve seen anyone do.

Then I wondered how I would react if that ever happened to me.  Through deep throating I’ve learned two things: that I can handle Ryan’s cock and that I can control my gag reflex.

This weekend was different.  Ryan told me that he wanted to face fuck me, but pull out and cum all over my face.  We had fucked multiple times the few days prior but he purposely would stop before he came.  Now I knew why, he wanted to explode all over my face.  Of course I was down for it (see previous article:  31 Days of Cum Shots project).  This could be fun!   Me and Ryan took a few shots of rum to kick off our Friday barbecuing.  This is what we usually do, so my drinking was not threatened by the fact I would be face fucking moments later.  That day, however, was different.  Maybe it was my allergies and and the cold I was fighting because both were terrible that day.  After my fourth shot, I felt a slight burning in my throat, as if the alcohol was stuck in my esophagus.   I washed it down with some Coke and thought nothing more of it. 

As we waited for the steaks to marinate, we slipped into the bedroom and I jumped onto the bed.  I stripped down to nothing and lay on the bed as I waited for Ryan to mount my face. I looked up and over my shoulder as Ryan pulled his dick out and began stroking in front of me.  I wanted to taste him so bad.   I felt the bed shift as he made his way to me.  I eagerly pulled him toward my face and took his large soft dick into my mouth.  His hanging balls rubbed against my nose and face.  He pumped his hips as his cock began to thicken.  It grew slowly, bending slightly in my throat with each motion.  I love the feeling of his growing penis as it morphs from limp to thick to fat to fully erect.  When he’s thick, he forces his body to push his dick down my throat, slightly folding as it enters my tight throat.  The harder he gets, the easier it is to do straight down.  Friday, though, was different.  Ryan was talking dirty and began fucking my throat as hard as he could.  Slamming his cock into the back of my mouth at times, forcing his dick to find any hole to squeeze into.  I gagged a few times, but it wasn’t a big deal because nothing ever comes up.  I never ask him to stop.  In fact, I get upset when he stops and wants to fuck my pussy instead.  That day, he thrust his dick in my mouth, rubbing his sweaty balls and ass on my face each time he pulls out to let me breath.  I love it.

I can feel Ryan is about to explode because his movements got more intense.   He sits up and I put his ball sack in my mouth.  I feel him thumping my chin and chest with his dick telling me he is about to cum all over me.  As he lifts his body up and un-suctions his sack from my lips, he immediately replaces it with his long dick.   I feel his dick bury itself deep in my throat, as deep as it can go.  Within seconds, a gag feeling erupted, one that wasn’t any different from the others.  I ignored it and allowed myself to dry heave normally.  But as soon as Ryan lifted up, I felt a wetness bubbling up from my throat.  Not once did I feel like the contents of my stomach were going to expel unexpectedly because it happened so fast, and before I knew it, I actually threw up!  It wasn’t projectile vomiting but very subtle like a tabletop water fountain.   It wasn’t until I felt a mouth full of stomach acids and liquor actually in my mouth did I realize that there was stuff coming up.  For a split second I thought to myself, “Should I swallow this?”  Instead, I pushed out all the  viscous liquid out with my tongue and let it spill over the corners of my mouth and down my face.  The acids, working immediately, burned into my cheeks, some in my ear, as well as my hair.  As Ryan watched my face covered with vomit, he stroked his dick and shot cum all over me.   He later told me that as he pulled out to cum, he saw me throw up all over myself, then shot all over my wet face.  Obviously holding out for a few days was a complete waste, as I don’t care if he didn’t cum for a year, he wasn’t going to facial me worse than I had just facialed myself.

During any other time in my life I believe I would have been upset – by the mess, by the “disrespect” shown to my body, and maybe even by the embarrassment.  But the idea of being face fucked so hard that I threw up had become a badge of honor, one that meant I persevered and endured humiliation at all costs.  Immediately, Ryan asked if I was okay, hoping I wasn’t upset.  At first I didn’t answer, still shocked about what had happened.   After I washed off and got myself together, I opened the shower door and asked Ryan, “Did that turn you on?”   He nodded that it did, and I knew inside I really liked it as well.   Something the old me would not have enjoyed at all.

As I came out of the bathroom and looked at the bed, needless to say, the bed had two big wet spots (one on each side of my head), which I asked Ryan to cleaned up.


tied up

Venice all tied up.

I look at Venice’s sexy body laying face first in our bed, motionless.  I throw a pillow case over her head and pull back on it as tight as I can so it sticks to her face.  I can feel her immediately tense up as I watch her try to breathe.  With each gasp, I see the pillow case suck into her mouth.   I grab both of her arms roughly and reach for the rope near the bed.  I tie her arms behind her back so tight I can see her skin lighten where the rope is squeezing her wrists.  Judging by her whining and movements, I know she is very uncomfortable.  I look down at her nude body as she wiggles from side to side attempting to get her arms in a better position.  I forcefully rub my hand down her ass crack, then into her pussy slit while smashing my other hand against the back of her head, forcing her face deep into the mattress and making her breathing even harder.  I whisper in her ear that I don’t want to hear another sound from her.  I let her head go and roughly slap the side of her face and head through the pillow case.  She stops making any noises.  I am in complete control.  I get up from the bed and walk to the closet to grab the tripod and camera.  I hit record and move around the room making random noises to leave Venice in suspense for a bit longer.  I want to make sure she is uncertain of what happens next.

I take off my clothes and walk back to her.  I forcefully roll her over and climb on top of her.  I let my balls hang down as I straddle her body.  Her upper torso is sideways, her lower half is twisted a bit and faced up.  I slowly rub my balls all over her, on her neck, her chest, her arms, her stomach, and down to her legs.   As I rub and move to different body parts, my dick slowly starts to grow until I am completely erect.   I take the pillow case off her head and pull her face back.  I am squatting over her, her face is up, with my dick completely hard and my balls sagging down in front of her nose.  I lower my body and let my loose nut sack cover her face.  The lower I drop, the more the weight of my body spreads out my sack.  I rub my balls all over her until she wiggles and tries to look sideways to catch her breath.  As soon as I see her struggling, I grab each side of her cheeks roughly with my fingers and hold her face straight.  I again lower my body, this time ass first, over her nose and mouth.   I am faced toward her feet.  I grind her face with my ass, letting her nose penetrate into my asshole.  I demand for her to stick her tongue out and she does.  I sit back up and grab her face and spit on her, hoping to lube up her nose so it can penetrate further into my ass.  I sit back down on her and again, grind my asshole and crack against her pretty asian face.  My balls hang over her tongue, mouth, and chin as I ride her skull.  I beat down on her chest with my hard dick before I sit my body back up, aim my dick straight down to her mouth and drive my hard cock deep into her throat.  She immediately gags around my dick but I keep it deep inside her neck.  I can feel her tongue vibrating and inner fluids bubbling around my shaft as her gagging has brought up some stomach fluids.  I pull my dick out of her throat and beat her face with it, leaving her cheeks and face sloppy with spit and stomach juices.  I put the pillow case back over her head.   I again tighten it so she has trouble breathing.  I can see the outline of her face through it.   I walk to the edge of the bed where her head is now positioned and beat my dick down as hard as I can.  My cock crashes against her face making her cry for me to stop.  The more she says stop, the harder I hit her face with my dick.  I aim for her eye sockets and nose.  With each thump, she tries to move her face in a different direction hoping I use my dick to hammer in a different part of her face.  I follow her movements and pound down on the same area over and over.  I grab her throat and slap her through the pillow case and tell her not to fucking move.  She immediately stops moving and lets me abuse her pretty face with my penis.  I want absolute control.  She turns off the pain of being clubbed by my dick because she knows the more she resists the harder she gets hit.

I get off the bed and bring the camera closer to the action.  I walk back over to Venice and roll her over to the edge of the bed, face down.  Her arms are still behind her back, so she is totally helpless.  I sit next to her and lift her upper body up to sit her mouth in my lap, face down.  I then pull the pillow case off her head.  Unless I pull her head back, she can barely look up.  Her face is somewhat stuck in my lap unless I lift it.  I grab her hair and lift her head off my lap.  She whines in discomfort.  Displeased with her whining I immediately spit in her face and slap her.  I demand that she quits crying.  I then forcefully turn her head to the camera and tell her, “Say that you love my dick better than Ryan’s.”  At first she resists, so I grab her by the throat and squeeze harder, demanding that she tells the camera, “Say that you love my dick better than Ryan’s.”  Her eyes water up and she tells the camera, “I love his dick better than yours.”   I immediately lift her head above my hard dick, which is near my belly button, and shove her face down my cock, back into my lap.   I ram her head as hard as I can into my crotch, my entire cock down her throat.  She is helpless, even if she wants to control herself or how much dick she takes, it doesn’t matter.  I forcefully hold her face in my lap, balls deep, as she squirms to get herself off my penis.   My dick rams against the back of her throat, rubbing hard as it slides down her esophagus.  No matter how hard she tries, because of her hands behind her back and the position she is in, unless I grabbed her hair and pulled her off my dick, she is stuck.  As she struggles, I tell her to smell my balls and see what a real man smells like.  I then whisper in her ear, “The last time your husband will ever see you is on this video. Tell him how you love my dick better than his.”  She whines and tries to fight me, but I just squeeze her head against my lap harder.   I then grab her hair, digging my fingernails into her scalp, and pull her off my dick.   She gasps for air like she was drowning in an ocean of penis.   My balls and dick are covered with her spit and insides, I again tell her to talk to the camera.  “Say you love this dick more than life itself.”

She cries and looks at the camera.  I slap her face with my dick as she tries to talk, “I love this dick more than my life.”  I again drive her face first onto my cock.  I can tell she hates this.  I can tell at this point she wants this to stop.  She’d probably beg for it to stop, if she could actually talk.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to talk with my dick punching her voice box.  I grab the back of her hair and slam her up and down onto my penis over and over.  I control her head like she wasn’t human, like I was grabbing a doll, totally ignoring any of the pain she feels.  I slam her face on my lap repeatedly until she gags and spits up.

I roll her body over so her face is almost on the corner of the bed, right in front of the camera.  I again sit on her nose and mouth with my ass, and grind myself against her.   I hold myself up with one hand and stroke my dick for the camera with the other.  My balls are now rubbing her forehead and hairline.  Every now and then I will beat my dick against her head or grab her hair and pull her deeper into my ass so she can clean my insides.

After a few minutes of forcing her to eat my ass, I roll her face down on the bed.  I bend down so my dick is near her mouth and I fuck her throat.   I have to hold her by her hair just to keep her face up, otherwise she’d be face down in the bed.  Usually when we face fuck, she has hands to wipe her tears that naturally from gagging, but with her hands tied behind her, she can’t wipe anything, so her nose is snotty and her face and cheeks are soaked in tears.  I love it.

I quit fucking her throat and move my body back behind her on the bed,  I yank her arms back and make her scream.  I can tell her hands are in pain because her fingers are turning purple.  Without saying anything, I untie her hands so she could get some relief.  However, I still keep both of her arms behind her and grab both of her wrists tightly while sliding my dick inside her.  Her pussy is soaking wet, and her pussy doesn’t lie, she actually loves being treated like this.  If she doesn’t, her pussy definitely does.  My dick is also soaking wet, as her spit and fluids have my whole lap lubricated.   I fuck her hard and she screams with each thrust.  My dick is so hard and lubed that it’s unlike normal sex, which can be rough, but this time it feels like I have a sharp sword and her walls can’t stop or slow it down, so it stabs directly in the back of her pussy as hard as it possibly can.  Normally, she hates this feeling, as it creates a pain she doesn’t like during sex.  Normally I’d give a fuck, but right now, I don’t.   I keep her body close to mine by holding her arms.  As I ram my cock inside her, I pull back on her arms and force her body to take it all.  The length of my dick is hitting the back of her pussy as hard as it can, banging the cervix with each pump.  I feel my orgasm growing and I know I want to cum all over her face and body.  I know I am close so I get up and quickly roll her over on her back.  I quickly crawl back over to her face and drop my dick into her mouth as far as it can go.  I can feel her teeth on my balls and crotch.  Her throat is endless and, truthfully, much deeper than her pussy.  I feel like I could stick my dick in her all the way to her stomach if it was long enough.  I love how she is such a cock eater.   As I feel my load about to release I pull myself out of her mouth and shoot my cum everywhere.  I unload onto her face, her chest, her hair, and her stomach.   I quickly grab all the strings of cum and cup it with my hand.  I put all four fingers in her mouth and feed her my fluids.  She whines but still does as she is told and eats up every drop.  I then lean down and squeeze her throat with one hand and tell her she better not fucking move.  I went to the bathroom and took a shower as fast as I could since the camera was running.  The more time I wasted, the more horny I got thinking of this naked Asian woman laying on my bed, soaked with cum and scared to death.

As I come out the shower I noticed her body hasn’t moved at all.  She hasn’t moved her arms, legs, face, or anything.  My cum is still drying on her skin and her hair is stuck to her wet face.  I walk over to her again and drop my huge soft dick into her mouth and immediately start to fuck her throat again.   It only takes a few seconds for my cock to become erect and ready to damage.  I flip her over face down on the bed, legs on the floor, and fuck her from the back.   Her titties and dried cum rub against the sheets.   Again, with each thrust she moans and screams.  I love how she makes my cock seem like a fucking telephone pole when I fuck her tiny, tight pussy.  Each scream brings my prostate to a boil. I already want to cum again.  I pull her hair back and throw her legs back onto the bed.  I then drag her face to the corner of the bed, face up, and drop my dick inside her mouth right in front of the camera.  In my mind, the camera can see my asshole, ass cheeks, balls flopping around on her face, and her mouth being fucked.  I do not know exactly what it really sees and I don’t give a fuck.   As I feel the pressure inside my thighs build up, I explode and dig myself as deep in her throat as I can possibly be.  With each thrust of cum I release I can feel my asshole tightening, letting the camera and her know that she is taking a load.

As I finish, I get up and kiss her cum soaked face.  I let her know it’s over and she can finally relax.  She gets up and doesn’t talk much, still shocked and satisfied that she finally got raped like she always wanted.   I leave the room so she can shower off, collect her thoughts and enjoy them.

Video: My Hidden Cam Experience

First, I figured I would post this blog since I already posted it on the site that hosts the video.  I know Ryan already said his side (boooooring — lol) here, so I figured I would put my own little spin on it, especially since I was the mastermind behind it all.

Anyway, after endless requests from different people  asking us to post a longer video, I decided not to wait for my husband’s “okay.” I hid my camera phone in the corner of the room without Ryan knowing so I could record us fucking. A few problems I encountered was I knew he wouldn’t leave all the lights on while we fucked. We prefer a dimly lit room. Although when I called Ryan into the room I had all the lights on, he saw my outfit and knew I wanted to fuck him. He immediately turned off the overhead light, which left on only the corner lamp. If I would have turned the light back on, no way he wouldn’t have known something else fishy (no vagina jokes please) was going on. If people are unhappy about that, I am sorry. It’s either a dimly lit room or no video at all, because he just wasn’t interested in recording us fuck like we were porn stars or something.

Another issue I had was him throwing my panties in the direction of the camera. I tried to hang on to my panties and lay them off to the side, but you can hear him in the video demand them. After he threw them in the direction of the camera I thought to myself, “Oh dang, what if they covered the camera completely or knocked it over.” I know that sounds dumb, but I didn’t want to mess this up. I knew afterwards I would tell him I recorded us so I wanted it to be something he liked. If it was bad, who knows if I would have ever tried it again.

Also, at the end of the video when he is fucking me in my ass, he puts a pillow over my head to shut me up. Whether the readers/viewers believe this or not, usually when we anal fuck I am very loud, which Ryan loves, but he also loves to know he can throw a pillow over my head or push my face against the sheets and make me bite down and muffle my screams. Well, with the pillow over my dang head, how will the microphone pick up what I am saying? Although it turned out okay, because thankfully our mic is amazing (records in auto mode, which supposedly picks up low and loud sounds equally), almost the entire time he was fucking my ass I had a pillow over my head completely.  If you listen, you can hear him in the video talking about how he is holding the pillow over my head.

Finally, my original idea was to totally fuck his brains out. I wanted to hop on top of him and ride him, make him my little bitch, and force him to call me the best bitch ever.  Haha. Unfortunately when we started fucking, he took over. Not only did he take over, he fucked my brains outs (face), then rolled me over and fucked my ass out. As much as I wanted to be in charge, I would never shut down my man and his manly instincts when his body and brain needs to be in control. When I felt him take over, I decided to be an obedient girl and let him handle his pussy (in this case, my face and ass) however he saw fit.

I think that is it. I was glad to see the sound came out so good, especially for a hidden cam. If you watch this video after reading this post, make sure you listen along.

A few other quick notes.  All the editing and blurring is done post edit to hide faces.  Since he had no idea it was being recorded, he moves his body out of position or face onto the camera more than I expected.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Video: Her Hidden Camera Attempt


Venice originally had an idea of using a hidden cam and recording us having sex.  She later told me that she wanted to be in control and fuck the shit out of me.  Unfortunately for her, I didn’t know her plan.   I am posting the video myself to make sure everyone knows that Venice and I do things like this, but we both fully agree and understand that the other is just trying to spice things up.   For instance, Venice has said to me that if she is ever passes out from being a little too tipsy,  she wants me to fuck her hard.  Yes, she WANTS me to fuck her hard while she is unconscious so she feels it the next day.  She loves the idea of me using her and we have no prude reservations about it being “wrong.”  We trust each other.  Which is why for me, this video was a cute attempt at her being sneaky, nothing more.  However, it didn’t work out like she planned.

I didn’t know I was on camera so if you see it get blurry or the scenes change, just remember that is all in post editing.  Venice let me watch the video the same night she recorded.  In post editing we made sure to try our best to keep the footage as real as possible without showing too much face.   If it zooms, its post edit zooming.  If it’s dark, sorry, I  turned off the light when I walked in, because there was still a lamp in the room.  She was dressed in lingerie so I kind of suspected I was going to fuck, but not on camera.  I don’t fuck with all the lights on!  I had no idea she was recording.  I also hit the camera when I threw her panties.  I had no idea.  If you are into real sex or just hidden camera footage, enjoy the show.  The video starts out kind of slow so turn the volume up if you are into dirty talk or move to around to the 7 minute mark if you are only looking for action.

As for future requests, Venice and I are not porn stars.   We blog and do this for fun, so this is about as porn as we will ever get.