Fan Mail: Married 36 Years and Still Have A Great Sex Life

I would just like to say I came upon your site at, and I really liked your videos, so I joined your blog. I think Venice is very sexy looking, and my wife loves  Ryan’s cock says it looks great. Just want to say “I need to see more videos from the both of you”. You now have a new follower.

I love your thinking for the way u want to live your lives and marriage, we have been married for 36 yrs & still have a great sex life ( my wife finally tried anal sex for the first time five (5) years ago and loved it) trying new things really works to keep things going.

Love You both,


Thanks John, I am glad you enjoy the different blogs and videos we have created.   Ryan and I can only hope to one day say we have been married for 36 years.  Your an inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Fan Mail: Married 36 Years and Still Have A Great Sex Life

  1. First, I would like to thank you for inspiring us to create the “fan mail” section. I felt your email was worth sharing with everyone, because if your sex life is amazing after 36 years, me and Venice could learn some things from you! Everyone can!

    We created this blog because we felt it would help us share sex as our hobby. Talking and typing about sex and our sex lives has made our very frequent sex life, into an even more frequent event. We also were hoping to inspire other couples to open up a bit, and maybe help them revamp their own sex lives through our stories and ideas. So far, we’ve learned that we ourselves still have a lot of opening to do. We’ve met couples that make us seem mild online, which is okay to us. It means we still have a lot of things to experience, and we’ll hopefully blog about them!

    Anyway, thanks for your mail. Maybe you can write us back one day and let us know your own activities throughout the years that helped keep things in the bedroom active. 36 years is amazing.

  2. John – thank you for taking the time to share with us. 36 years is an amazing milestone for a couple to reach and I am always impressed to hear about couples such as you and your wife.

    I was very touched to read your E-mail as it implies that more experienced couples can relate to us. It inspires me to continue to write and express my thoughts on our own marriage and the qualities which help to help a relationship grow.

    I understand that some may not agree on what we do and say, but I know that there are those who will see eye-to-eye with us. It is these people who will learn from us and, in turn, we will learn from them.

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