How Long Does Cum Stay Inside Our Vaginas?

cum vaginasHow Long Does Cum Stay Inside Our Vaginas?

Most people do not really think about this type of thing because it’s nature.  Why is the sky blue?  Why is the grass green?   Why is water wet?  Does God exist?  What is the meaning of life?  How long does cum stay inside of our vaginas?

Although it seems like a silly question, it’s asked quite frequently.  Especially when new to sex and the idea of having someone else’s fluids inside you seems weird. 

Studies show that rape kits / swabs can detect the presence of semen up to 48 hours after ejaculation.  This means, your boyfriend’s sperm can stay inside your vagina and around your cervix for up to 2 days.   However, sperm doesn’t stay still.   Those little guys were built to swim.  So after a man ejaculates inside you, his sperm begins the journey up your cervix so they hang out inside your uterus.   As reported by the Mayo Clinic, sperm can live inside the uterus for up to 5 days.  What’s even more interesting is the y chromosome from a man is detectable inside our vaginas for up to 8 days!   The gift that keeps on giving.

So after two days and you feel your panties getting slightly wet, don’t be ashamed to giggle and know, yes, that is a little bit of your guy still leaking onto your panties while you work.  Be proud!

Q&A: My Boyfriend and I tried anal play and now he feels disgusting.

boyfriend anal playMy Boyfriend and I tried anal play and now he feels disgusting.

I’m a 20 year old female and my boyfriend is 21.  We decided to try something new and it started off with me eating his ass, which he liked.  I then put my finger in and he loved it.  When I tried to put two fingers in, he orgasmed.  This was the first time he has finished so quickly.  He usually takes between 30-60 minutes even with penetrative sex to orgasm and he never orgasms just from head.  But this time, he jerked off as I played with his ass and he came within just a few minutes!

After he was done he had a weird look on his face, got up immediately and went to the bathroom.  When he came back he wouldn’t even look at me. I tried to get him to open up and he said that he liked it but he’s angry and feels disgusting for liking it. I told him I won’t bring it up again unless he wants to try it again at some point and he replied saying he would do it again in an instant, he just feels so disgusting and emasculated for liking it.

butt playI tried telling him that our bodies are weird and why should we limit ourselves when there is so much pleasure to be found everywhere. Plus every first time is an emotional experience but he wouldn’t even look at me or say anything.  After about 30 mins he told me he needs to go and went back to his place.


I think this may be stemming from his upbringing (we are both from very strict Asian backgrounds) and it sucks seeing him feel so disgusted with himself when it’s something he just found out he enjoys. I want him to be happy and feel good and I’ve never seen him feel this way about himself, especially when it comes to sexual things

How do I handle this without making the situation worse ?

Venice’s response to boyfriend anal play


ass play boyfriend peggingPersonally, as an Asian woman, I do not think Asian culture is any different than masculine men culture, it’s universally embarrassing for most straight men to first come out about enjoying fingers in your ass.  Even now, in a lot of urban, more masculine cultures in America, some men won’t even admit to masturbating.  It’s a sign of weakness.  Why masturbate when I can get pussy?   And a lot of men, especially the immature ones in their early teens to late 20s, still get embarrassed at the thought of eating pussy.   

Say what?!  Whether it be gross, emasculating, or a sign of being a cuck…why would they eat the hole other men have fucked?  And of course, all of these reasons are immature and dumb as fuck!  Excuse my French.

With that said, I believe this has changed a lot in recent years.  Because now it seems men are open about not only eating pussy, but have no issues admitting they love to dive face first into a woman’s ass.  I believe social media has helped open up men from all walks of life, to admit what they enjoy, because social media still has a bit of anonymity to it.  And the truth is, men have always loved to dive in and “accidentally” lick our asses, low key.  And a lot of them didn’t mind a wandering finger during a blow job.

get this dock

Before I get into answering your question, let me make sure you understand my perspective.  I am the Asian girl who wrote “A Total ‘How To’ Woman’s Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass.”

In other words, I am all for anal play, ass play, pegging, or whatever else a couple can do with each other’s bodies. However, this doesn’t happen over night.  Most men, especially after trying something some people consider “gay” for the first time, will show some sort of embarrassment. He isn’t going to take it up the ass and be proud afterwards.  He has to be careful, he wants to know you understand he isn’t gay.  He also possibly feels he has to overreact to ensure you understand, this isn’t something he would “normally” do.   And what’s also interesting, he may have the same reaction with all the other women he dates in the future.  For whatever reason, even in an open minded relationship, men can’t just come out and say they love ass play.  It’s a gradual admission.

Just be patient, accepting, and make sure you keep letting him know that you don’t consider anything the two of you can do to each others’ bodies gay, or even a sign of gayness.  Nor should he be emasculated.  Give him time.  Eventually you will find yourself diving down to his ass, kissing him afterwards, and enjoying what a couple can do with each other, without the shame that comes along with it.  It’s a sexual maturation process we all go through.  And I mean ALL OF US.

Ryan’s response to boyfriend anal play


boyfriend anal play

Just to start this off, I’d like to link to one of the most masculine guy in the world, who openly admits he prefers transwomen to non transwomen.   I can’t go into each video or find the exact moments, but his name is Big Lenny and he is extremely open with his sexuality.  He does not say he is gay, but he keeps it no secret that he likes butt play, likes beautiful women with penises, and would tear your head off if you questioned his masculinity.

The Delray Misfits – YouTube

Obviously your boyfriend is embarrassed.  Most men do not just throw the legs up and let a woman dive in unless it’s something they thought about privately at some point.  I am sure if you discussed something new and found his ass up in the air enough for you to lick it, he knew exactly what he wanted to try.  Sometimes when we expose ourselves to our kinks and leave ourselves extremely vulnerable.  Yes, depending on the kink, we get overwhelmed with embarrassment as soon as we orgasm.  The first time I orgasmed in front of Nessa, I cried.  I just felt so weird, so exposed, so wrong (wtf), that crying just felt right for me.  It was something I had only done by myself up until that moment so I felt super vulnerable and didn’t know how she’d think of me.

We are taught to do anything sexual alone and keep our kinks hidden.  When exposed, we feel vulnerable and exposed.  Sometimes the kinks we enjoy, aren’t perceived as masculine, so it’s also emasculating.   It isn’t uncommon for us to put on a show, to make sure the person knows, “This isn’t the normal me.  I am so much more manly and tough, I’d never cum to a finger in my ass and be proud!!!!   Roar!  I am a man, hear me roar!”

boyfriend anal playSo we put on a little “show.” Acting upset, shocked, or just letting the other person know how disgusted we are, may be some authentic emotion, but it is also to save face.  And we’ll save face until we feel comfortable that you didn’t judge us, you accepted our kink, and it’s okay to enjoy what we enjoy.  So far, you have done everything right!  You said all the right things.  You were patient.  You have now went through all the obstacles you think he is going through, from being embarrassed or emasculated, and are starting to understand, he isn’t gay.  He just likes anal play.  Now, imagine all the women that first play with their man’s asses and question his sexuality.  This happens all the time!  And good for you,  you didn’t do that.  But just know, he has his own process he has to go through to ensure you understand him.  Give him time.  His kink is exposed.  He obviously really enjoyed it.  It will only get better from here, as long as you keep an open mind.

The Tallest Female Porn Stars

The Tallest Female Porn Stars

We are going to do something a bit different for this blog.  We saw a clickbait photo on twitter with a giant woman, who actually looked pretty sexy.  Immediately I ran to google to see who the tallest female porn star was.   In doing so, we found various lists of all the tall porn stars.  We thought we’d share with our readers so they can help with our research.

20 Madison Rose
Height: 5 feet 10” or 177.8 cm

Madison Rose



19 Molly Stewart
Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm

molly stewart xxx



18 Bianca Breeze
Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm



17 Nicolette Shea
Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm

Nicolette Shea




16 Alison Tyler
Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm

Alison Tyler

Pipper Peri and Alison Tyler grinding.


15 Holly Michaels
Height: 5 feet 11” or 180 cm



14 Mia Melano
Height: 5 feet 11.5” or 181 cm



13 Paige Turnah
Height: 5 feet 11.5” or 181 cm



12 Bella Rolland
Height: 6 feet or 183 cm



11 Eve Ellwood
Height: 6 feet or 183 cm



10 Sophia Wilde
Height: 6 feet or 183 cm



9 Nikki Eliot
Height: 6 feet or 183 cm


8 Angel Long
Height: 6 feet or 183 cm



7 Zoey Paige
Height: 6 feet or 183 cm



6 Elena Koshka
Height: 6 feet or 183 cm



5 Blaire Ivory
Height: 6 feet 1” or 185 cm



4 Kitty Jane
Height: 6 feet 1” or 185 cm



3 Danica James
Height: 6 feet 2” or 188 cm

Danica James Danica JamesDanica James



2 Rocky Emerson
Height: 6 feet 3” or 190 cm

Rocky Emerson

Rocky Emerson

Rocky Emerson



1 Ava Koxxx
Height: 6 feet 3” or 190 cm



Have fun doing all your research on the tallest women in porn!  Get back to us with your own results (please do not send us pictures of your cumshots all over your computer screens again!)

PLEASE HELP! I got a glass dildo stuck inside me. How do I remove it?


PLEASE HELP! I got a glass dildo stuck inside me. How do I remove it?

I accidentally got a glass “butt plug” stuck inside my anal cavity while I was masturbating.   I took an enema and I’m currently waiting on the toilet.

Any suggestions?

Update 1:  glass dildo stuck inside me

I’m at the ER waiting for an X-RAY. Please y’all, do NOT use things that are not meant for your butt. It’s not worth it. I’m so disappointed in myself because this could have easily been avoided.

Update 2:

They could see it in the X-ray and they said it’s pretty low in the rectum (thank god). The doc is going to perform a rectal exam and remove by hand/using an instrument.

Update 3: glass dildo stuck inside me

The doc did the rectal exam and wasn’t able to retrieve it. OH MY GOD IT FKN HURT. He could see it but the object is in such a difficult position; making it difficult to retrieve. I will have to go through a more invasive procedure. This fkn sucks guys. I THANK you all for pushing me to go into the ER. This could have escalated terribly.

Wow! thanks for the attention and awards guys! I did not expect my post to gain this much traction. My interaction with all of you has certainly made my situation better. I am still waiting for surgery to call the doc back.

Update 4: glass dildo stuck inside me

Surgery department called back and is doing my case today. I just finished taking the COVID test (OMG ALSO) and I am now awaiting transport. Thanks for your support everyone. You all are really making this process easier.

Update 5: glass dildo stuck inside me

This all feels like a dream, or nightmare I should say. I am still in my room waiting for the COVID test to come back. Once that happens, I will finally go through a minimally invasive surgery🤣. Again, THANK YOU ALL. I have been on Reddit for the past hour, reading all of your comments and replying. I will update y’all more soon. You all are legends in my eyes 🤙

Update 6: glass dildo stuck inside me

40 mins later, I’m about to go into the OR. See y’all later.

Update 7: 

I’m in the post op room and they got it out without any complications. YAY! I’m feeling very groggy and I’m awaiting for my ride to pick me up. The general anesthesia was crazy. Although I should be happy for not having any surgical complications, I shouldn’t even be here in the first place! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, take this post as a lesson for everyone to use proper sex toys. I literally have just gone through hell for something so stupid and unnecessary.

Update 8: glass dildo stuck inside me

Hey everyone. It’s 4AM, and I just got home. This has been a wild ride. I’m reading through this post, and my god you guys are funny😂. Y’all really helped me get through this so I appreciate every single upvote, comment, and award. I am feeling no effects from the procedure except a little bloating. I’m still a little groggy.

If this ever happens to you, please please seek medical attention. Take deep breaths and don’t panic. You can try to fish it out with your fingers but please be sure to not push it in further like I did. As soon as you don’t feel it with your fingers, brave up and go to the ER. Taking a laxative may help or push it even deeper. I initially planned to wait and poop it out or pull it out but you guys really encouraged me to go to the ER. All of you honestly might have saved me from terrible terrible health consequences. I have learned my lesson and will never ever ever stick anything up my ass besides sex toys. I hope this post saves someone from potentially doing the same thing.

Stay safe everyone, and enjoy responsibly.


Oh yea, some of you don’t know if I’m male or female. I am a straight male who likes butt play. So being in the hospital is even more awkward than it has to be.


Source:  Reddit (post closed, no more comments)

Public Service Announcement for Men: Don’t Ruin Our Orgasms!

Public Service Announcement for Men: Don’t Ruin Our Orgasms

If we say we are about to cum, don’t stop what you are doing!

Ladies, has this ever happened to you?

You are trying to focus your vision, while feeling his penis slide back and forth inside your body, but everything is a bit blurry.  You feel  totally paralyzed but can still feel the jarring of your body from your man fucking you.  Your spine is tingling, you feel a spark in your labia, and your vagina has this warm sensation growing deep inside of your cervix.   You are so high from his dick, you can barely function.  You can’t even mumble a phrase properly, let alone talk in coherent sentences.  And then you snap out of it.  It’s about to happen.  The orgasm almost surprises you so you scream out, “Oh my God, I am about to cum!!!!

And then… his reaction.


Reaction 1:   Your man pulls his dick out and jumps down to your pussy and starts sucking on your clit and eating you out.

Reaction 2: Your man starts jackhammering and choking you as you try to cum.

Reaction 3: Your man slows down and tries to kiss you passionately, showing you how much he loves you while you are trying to cum.

Reaction 4:  Your man immediately pulls out and cums all over you, your breasts, or your face right in the middle of your orgasm.

Reaction 5:  Your man gets so turned on from hearing you say, “Oh my God, I am going to cum” that he immediately cums inside of you and flops down like a sloth on top of you.


Now, I am not saying all these reactions are wrong for every girl, but definitely wrong for me.  Some women may love these reactions.  Knowing they can control you.  Some women may even say they are going to cum just to manipulate you.  It’s easily the fastest way to trigger your lover and make him lose control.  Famous words to make every man stop watching the clock, “I’m going to cum!”

However, let’s say we were actually in the middle of our orgasm.  For the love of God, hold off from cumming for at least 40 more seconds!  Maintain and edge!  Don’t start jackhammering, choking us, or spitting in our faces.  Definitely don’t slow down and try to kiss us, whispering how much you love us while we’re in the middle of an absolute explosion.  Don’t pull your dick out and start eating us out.  I know you want to taste my cum, but wait until I am done and you can taste all of my cum you want, and if you are really kinky, yours too!  And for sure don’t pull your dick out and cum all over our faces.  The last thing I want to do while I cum is pull off a matrix dodging cum and doing a squint dance with my eyes.  I just want to fucking cum!

Keep doing exactly what you are doing! Trust your movements, your pace, your sex.  You already did everything you need to do to get us off, so keep fucking doing it!