Q & A: What Are Some Creative Ways To Please My Wife Sexually?

boring sexQ & A: What Are Some Creative Ways To Please My Wife Sexually?

While checking my search history I found a reddit post from what appears to be my wife unhappy with our sex life  In searching around for things to spice up my marriage or find extreme things to try I happen to find your blog.   Although it is not my normal routine to email a sex blog, I figured why not.   Is there anything you can suggest for me to try with my wife in the bedroom, that isn’t too extreme, but not  boring?  Also, a bit embarrassing, I tend to orgasm quickly when we do have sex.  This is partially the reason that I have slowed down my sex life because it makes me feel insecure.  I guess I’d rather give her no sex rather than quick sex because I can’t control my ejaculation.   I know I just hit you with a load there, but any advice is appreciated.

Venice’s response  to please my wife sexually:

I actually laughed out loud reading “I just hit you with a load there…”  Oh boy.  You couldn’t even make it through the email without losing your load huh?

I’m joking!

There are so many things you can do to add an adventure to your bedroom.  Or how about, you journey outside your bedroom?  Nothing can make you feel more free during sex than walking on a beach and making out in the sand.   Or finding a nice private spot and having sex in your car.  It gets the adrenalin going and can be extremely fun.  

You can also try sex toys.  A vibrator or wand in the bedroom can be really fun.  It can also help with your premature ejaculation issue!  I will explain and demonstrate how.  Rather than getting on top of her and going full speed, lay to the side of her.  This sideways position will keep you from going too fast.   While sideways, let her use a vibrator or a wand on her body.  It will be easy for her to play with her clit while you lay to the side.  I believe that you will learn something new about your wife while she uses a wand.  She’s cums fast too!  Because the wand is no joke.  I have probably had an orgasm in 30 seconds while using a wand in this p0sition. 

So did I handle your load well?!  

Ryan’s response  to please my wife sexually:

One of the ways I would suggest is trying a hollow strap on!  Whether you are large, average, or small, this adds a whole new element to the bedroom.  If you are into role play, you can even talk to her about the idea of pretending to be someone else.  To add to the spice, suggest her wearing a blindfold so she can’t see you.  Her mind and imagination can be your greatest asset in the bedroom.  Slide on the hollow strap on, make sure she is lubricated properly, and give her a whole new sensation.  This may drive her wild.  It also can totally help with your premature ejaculation issue, as  you will have a lot less sensation while using this toy.

Disclaimer:  I have tried this with Venice and she eventually had to stop me.  The stretch was so intense that she just couldn’t handle it.  However, the sore feeling she felt for days afterwards kept her wet and horny.  She loved feeling like she had been totally fucked and stretched out.  

To be honest, it’s hard suggesting to another couple what is or isn’t boring in the bedroom. This is totally subjective.  I mean, I can think of 100s of things that can make your sex life much less boring, but those things may all be too extreme for you, or her.  My advice is to talk with her, find out the things she wants to try, ask her about her fantasies, and see if you can find ways to make her those things come true.  If you haven’t tried sex toys, ask her if she would like to try.  Really, as always, it comes down to communication.  She is asking her questions on reddit, you are asking your question on a sex blog.  You both need to sit down and ask each other these questions!   


Q&A: How to introduce condoms after months of raw sex?


Q&A: How to introduce condoms after months of raw sex?

I am a 23 year old female and had been seeing this 33 year old guy for 3 months in the summer. When he first initiated sex he didn’t mention protection or move to grab a condom at all, so we had raw sex.  I didn’t mention it in the moment as I didn’t want to make things awkward (although I would’ve found it the biggest turn on if he had).

I brought it up a couple weeks later and he gave that old spiel about generally being able to tell whether a girl has anything or not. I told him that I didn’t want to have unprotected sex until we got tested. Interestingly in the weeks he took to get it done, he didn’t initiate penetrative sex – I don’t know whether he was trying to be considerate of my feelings or that he thought condom sex was pointless. We did have sex with a condom once and it wasn’t any more difficult for him to come. He said it was better than he thought it was going to be.

I ended up ending things with him for unrelated reasons but we have reconnected and started talking again in the past couple of weeks. However even though he sent me his results and he’s all clear I still don’t want to have raw sex anymore. I’m imagining the conversation and it being awkward af… What’s the best way to say that I want to use condoms indefinitely despite the fact that we didn’t at the beginning?

Thanks in advance! 🙂

Venice’s response to raw sex or condom

The best way to communicate is by communicating.   Simply tell him you aren’t going to have any type of intercourse without a condom.   There is no tricky way to get your message and point across.  Unfortunately, sometimes conversations and sexual topics can be awkward af.   But pregnancy or wondering if the birth control may land on that .1% chance it doesn’t work is definitely stressing.   And just having a casual partner’s cum inside you the following day when you are no longer horny isn’t that hot.  Personally, I wouldn’t want a casual partner’s cum in my body the entire next few days following sex, no matter how hot he is.  So I agree, raw sex is something very personal and something I’d want to experience only if I were in love.   So communicate and let him know your reasons why.  That’s really all you can do.  If it’s awkward, it’s awkward.  The alternative is exactly what you went through before, him just doing it how he wanted, or avoiding sex altogether.

I Stopped Wearing Panties And I’ll Tell You Why

I Stopped Wearing Panties And I’ll Tell You Why

First, this will probably make my naughty selfies a bit more difficult to do, because I only wear panties in those selfies!!!! lol.  So I guess I will stop wearing panties unless I am taking selfies?  Either way, let me tell you why I have stopped wearing panties. 

As kids, we’re told, “Make sure you have on a fresh pair of underwear in case you get into a car accident!” Why? Because it would be embarrassing to have a not-so-fresh pair on if there’s ever a need to for anyone to take them off you. But, like who? The city morgue? At that point, there’s probably more than day-old vagina juice on the crotch. But that’s neither here nor there…

Later in life, as you mature and have better, advanced hygiene (and by advanced, I mean, you understand that having your moist body juices against your body for an extended amount of time can be more detrimental than you think), you realized that having undergarments on at all times isn’t always the best way to go.

In my later years of marriage, we started sleeping nude. I can’t even remember the last time I bought or even wore pajamas, a nightgown, or a t-shirt. It feels so good to be free! So it makes sense that the next step is not wearing panties during the day. At all! I wear a lot of skirts and dresses, so as I walk around, my lips feel a gentle breeze with each step, no elastic cutting into my hips and thighs! Liberating my labia have never made me feel so alive! I pass by people and I have an increased sense of confidence and panache. I watch their eyes and think, “If they only knew…” kind of daring them to glance between my legs. Wearing no panties is saying, “If you’re nervous to talk in front of people, imagine them all being naked”; however, wearing no panties in public is reversed: I am wearing the panties and my exhibitionism is quietly flaunted. It’s daring. Subtle. And if the wind blows just a little too hard, it’s dangerous and exhilarating.

But other than these simple reasons, I also have a few more things that most people may not know. 

1. Stopped Wearing Panties: Reduces the risk of infections

Infections can sometimes get really bad and painful, and practically no one wants that. Some panties, especially the synthetic ones, prevent the air from flowing in, trapping excess moisture and microbes that further act as a breeding ground for infections, leading to UTI or yeast infections.

2. Stopped Wearing Panties: Less chafing and irritation

Chafing and irritation are common problems faced by women, and if you are one of them, then going commando can relieve you from these painful conditions.  Especially after a rough sex session, or multiple sessions, the labia can be swollen and raw.  And not just from sex, from having my labia sucked on extremely hard (I love this).   At least that’s the case in my sex life.   Sometimes the abused labia skin can even peel as it heals.   Unfortunately tight fitting panties irritate and interrupt this process.  Panties that are ill-fitted can cause friction, leading to these issues in the vaginal area. So, either go for properly fitted panties or just ditch them altogether!

3. Stopped Wearing Panties: Promotes comfort

As mentioned above, while you might think ditching an panties will make it uncomfortable for you, the case is exactly the opposite. A few days down the line, you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed. And since there’s no moisture trapped, it also keeps the odor away, making you even more comfortable!  

Air it out ladies.

4. Stopped Wearing Panties: There’s lesser bacteria migration

Your choice of a panty style and fabric can increase the chances of bacteria contamination from your anus to your vaginal area. And as you know, ureter infection is most common among women, due to bacterial growth in the genital organs. So, ditching those panties can do a whole lot good for you!

5. Stopped Wearing Panties:  Gives you a reason to keep your clothes clean

Finally, there has always been the misconception that if you do not wear panties you will get juices all over the crotch of your jeans and dresses.  Well, wash your clothes!  Is it gross that a woman wears a pair of jeans and changes her panties to keep her crotch clean, SO SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO WASH HER JEANS?!  Or is it gross that I can get my lady juices on a pair of tight jeans and just wash them before I wear them again?   In other words, does wearing panties promote lazy behavior?  Especially with Covid, I prefer washing my clothes after I wear them.  So no panties, no problem!

Other opinions from around the web:

No knickers ever

I stopped wearing knickers over six years ago. I love wearing short skirts and dresses with nothing beneath. It is much more healthy and certainly more comfortable. I don’t really worry if someone sees a bit too much. It probably makes their day. I would never go back to wearing them again. I also seldom wear a bra. ~ Julie


Not necessary at all

Comfort, less laundry, less expense. I have not worn any for over 20 years, And only part time for 20 or more before that. I wish I had started full time underwearless even sooner. However, It is always your choice to make. I made my choice, And will never go back!


I never wear panties

I’m 24 and ever since I left school I have not worn any panties under my skirts and dresses. It is much more comfortable being commando all the time.  I cannot think of a good reason to wear panties at any time.
Yes, there have been moments when people have been aware that I had no panties on, but that doesn’t bother me. There are more important things to worry about.


No Underwear for 28 years

My husband and I stopped wearing underwear altogether in 1991. At first it was scary. . . . . . Especially going braless to work.

But after a few weeks it just felt normal. There were some occasions in the first few months where I felt I needed to wear them, like doctor appointments and church functions, but I couldn’t wait to get out of them, and I felt like such a hypocrite.

My real friends know and don’t care, and I don’t care for fake friends.

I even convinced my sister and a couple friends to try it and they go sans most of the time.


Hell no we were not born with panties. We are monkeys who evolved

Do you find the monkey in a forest wearing underwear? Do you find it disgusting? Basically we are the same. Its just that our brains have evolved a bit that is all. In fact I stopped wearing panties when I was 21 and I feel really good about it. . It has saved me a few bucks and discomfort.

DIY: Make Your Own Penis Milking Table – Do It Yourself in 10 Minutes

DIY: Make Your Own Penis Milking Table – Do It Yourself in 10 Minutes

First, we do not get paid any percentage of what we link below.  Sex blogs are not allowed to have affiliate links to Amazon.  Therefore, our links are simply to help you guys find the materials and tools needs to create your own milking table.   With that said, if our blog creates a cool experience for you and your partner, please consider donating below, as that is the only income we make on our blog.  

Materials for Milking Table


1. Electric Tape
2. 72″ Table

3. 2″ Hole Saw Drill Bit
4. Drill


Milking Table Instructions

It’s pretty self explanatory.  Lay the table out and position your body on top of it.  Do not get in the center because most tables have a center piece that goes down the middle to help keep the table stable.  Therefore, move over to one side about 6 inches.  This actually also helps you reach around and pull your penis and balls through the hole, as you are closer to one side and it makes it easier to reach around.  Position your body as if you were laying on the table face down.   Make sure you slide down a tad because the table folds in the middle and you obviously do not want to drill a hole there.  Once positioned properly, mark the spot with your hand.   That is where you will put the hole.  With the drill bit I linked, this will literally take 5 seconds.  Since the table is plastic, it immediately creates an exact 2″ hole.  If you just want your penis to go through, get a smaller drill bit.   Or make 2 holes.   One for your dick, one for your dick and balls.  With just the penis, it creates the illusion of a longer dick, since the balls stay on top of the table and your entire shaft will be below.  If you know your measurements with a cock and ball ring, perfect.  Because for me, it was the exact size of a perfect cock and ball ring.  So it not only holds me in place, but it has a tight enough grip that it makes the dick harder and veins more prominent. 

The table linked is not that sturdy, but sturdy enough if you are under 250 pounds.  However, we placed two high stools on each side just in case the legs gave out.  

Once you have the holes drilled, simple cut off about 2 inch pieces of electric tape and go from top to bottom of the hole, making sure to cover all the edges of the new hole.  This will make the hole comfortable so you do not get scratched.  This tape also reacts will to lube so your penis and balls can easily slide in and out when needed.  That’s it!  Have fun with your new milking table!

Enjoy the pics we captured from our home video we filmed last night!  During the shoot, I had a vibrating wand balanced between my legs with my feet and a glass of wine off to the side!  Unfortunately we didn’t realize the camera only recorded 20 minutes then stops automatically.  So we didn’t film our happy endings!  🙁

Interested in seeing other milking table pictures and videos?  Check out the cool reddit we found:  r/milkingtable


Check out our other extreme experiences and positions here!

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blood baths, blood bath, bathing in our body fluids, menstrual cycle bath

Extreme Sexual Ideas: Blood Bath Confessions, Bathing in The Fluids with your Partner

blood bathsExtreme Sexual Ideas: Blood Bath Confessions, Bathing in The Fluids with your Partner

This blog post is going to be a bit more of “confessions of our relationship” than how relationships should be.  Every couple is unique and different.  A lot of things we do is different than most couples.  For instance, we’ve opened our bedroom to other women,  published experiences online, posted amateur videos, shared our opinions on all types of sex, and religiously post naughty pictures on social media.  I am going to make a pretty safe assumption and guess that the rest of our neighbors don’t do any of those things above (Although if they do…kinky!  Let’s connect!).  This type of thing may not be different for those of us who are in the lifestyle, exhibitionists, or just naughty couples looking to explore new things.  In fact, if you are reading this blog, you are probably more like us, than unlike us.  But you already know, you are different than most couples.   With a long list of things most people consider disgusting, we have posted videos and blogs of us face fucking until she vomitstattooing my wife’s name on my penis, urinating in my wife’s throat while she deepthroats, or even sniffing cum off a mirror like it’s a drug (anyone remember that video?).  Just to name a few.  We’ve even been banned from sex and marriage forums because we posted about the advantages of having sex during her period.  We didn’t do any of that to shock people.  Trust me.  Nothing we do is to shock other people.  It’s how we connect. It’s how we explored each other long before we posted on social media.  In our opinion, it’s how we stay in the honeymoon stage after 22 years of marriage.  Blood Bath

And then we share it.  Unsure why, but we share our life.  We share things that we should keep locked in a closet.  We share our skeletons.  We share things that people may find gross.  We don’t do it for the reactions, we do it because it gives us a new connection.  Admittedly, when people don’t get it, it does make our connection stronger.  It also makes more sense to us when people don’t get it.  That’s why we do it.

So let’s get into it.

Blood Baths: How It All Started

Our blood baths started pretty simple.  My husband and I were taking a bath together.  We usually get a bit playful while bathing, or I will watch tv while my husband sits on the opposite side of me and rubs my clit.  I got so relaxed I accidentally peed in the water.   Oops!  I didn’t do it on purpose, my body was just in a numb zone where everything felt perfect.  The warm water, the bubbles, the alcohol, and my clit being played with caused me to urinate in our bath water.   My husband felt the warmth and flow of my urination and came towards me, ducking his lower jaw into the water and scooping up some bath water with his mouth.   As he leaned in, he slowly released the water and let it flow down my breasts.  We loved it.  He then turned around and I gave him a sponge bath.  We washed his hair and I bathed him in the same water that I had urinated it.  It wasn’t gross to us, but more of a bonding experience.  

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