What Creative Things Can You Do With Your Man’s Cum?

creative things to do with cumWhat Creative Things Can You Do With Your Man’s Cum?

First of all, please check out our older article: 31 Days of Cum Shots.  If you go to the photo gallery every single day has a story.  I did various things with his cum, including letting him cum in my morning chai and sending him pictures throughout the day of me finishing him/my cup of chai.  That was definitely a fun and a  creative way to turn my husband on.  I believe there was another day where my husband came inside me and then took a spoon to scrape up the cum that spilled out of my vagina and spoon-fed me.  This was also amazing because it wasn’t just his cum, it was both of our bodies together.  Very intimate and fun.  Speaking of mixing body fluids, you could try a vagina cocktail.  

Sometimes I will hold his cum in my mouth and he will stick his dick back into my vagina and start fucking me again.  He is multi-orgasmic.  The whole time he fucks me, he is looking down at me while I play with his cum in my mouth. Exactly as he orgasms the second time I will open my mouth and let him see me swallow his first load…


For me, my man’s semen is like icing on the cake (or cookie), semi-literally speaking.  Every time we have sex, getting to see my husband orgasm is my goal. I work just as hard to make him cum (dirty talk, moving in sync with him, etc.) as he does to please me.  With that being said, I feel satisfied knowing that I’ve made his hot juices flow from his dick.  And that is such a turn on to me.

What I do to his cum doesn’t start when it comes out – it starts long before.  When his dick is in me, I cup his balls and rub under them and tell him, “Let me massage the cum out of your balls.”  I tease him.  I talk about his balls as if they’re also being fucked. What I do to his cum starts BEFORE the actual orgasm.

Sometimes I stick my finger inside his anus and rub his prostate.  If you haven’t tried this, try it!  Right before he ejaculates you can literally feel his whole prostate swell up and harden.  The cum stays inside this beautiful walnut inside his anus, and you can massage it the entire time he releases.  In fact, he will release much more cum when you do this.   And more cum means more to play with!

Sometimes he will ask me to keep his cum in my mouth as he heads out to work.  He will let me know he is going to call me once he is on the road and tell me when to swallow.  So when he calls, I can barely talk because his cum and my saliva have really built up…


creative things to do with cum

Try using his first cum shot as lube for anal!

But it doesn’t stop there.  After he cums, that is something entirely different.  If he cums in my vagina or ass, there isn’t much I can do with it except to tell him to unload every drop in me or say, “Empty your balls out inside me.”  There have been times where he will pull out as he is fucking me and cum on my anus.   He will then use his own semen as lube for anal sex and fuck me again.  This actually feels amazing because there is nothing close to using actual semen as lubrication.  It nearly takes away all friction and makes for an extremely pleasurable experience.

Sometimes he will just cum inside me and clean my insides with his tongue.  We will kiss afterwards and make out with our juices everywhere.  If he cums on me, I get to put on a show.  I love him watching me when I clean myself up.  I will scoop his cum off my body with my fingers and lick them clean as if I’m getting the last bit of angel food cake batter out from between my fingers.  As I lick, I will look him in the eyes and say “yum” with every slurp.  I like to reassure him that I love his taste and that his sperm is my favorite spice.  If he cums directly on my vagina, I’ll rub him into my labia and inner thighs.  When I am done, I will lick my fingers clean.  One of my favorite things to do to force him in my mouth so he doesn’t shoot all over the place and catch all of his cum in my mouth. I know this is simple, but nothing feels better than getting semen straight from a man’s dick. I don’t want any salt from my body, I want it pure.  Straight from the source.  That way nothing is wasted.  Before I actually swallow, l blow bubbles,  gargle, or slurp it between my lips so he can watch me play with him.

creative things to do with cumSometimes he will ask me to keep his cum in my mouth as he heads out to work.  He will let me know he is going to call me once he is on the road and tell me when to swallow.  So when he calls, I can barely talk because his cum and my saliva have really built up.  But it’s actually pretty sexy and intimate.  To know he is in my mouth and I am waiting for him to call me and tell me to swallow while he is driving to work.  You have to be creative.  Sometimes I will hold his cum in my mouth and he will stick his dick back into my vagina and start fucking me again.  The whole time he fucks me, he is looking down at me while I play with his cum in my mouth.  My  husband is multi-orgasmic.  Exactly as he orgasms the second time I will open my mouth and let him see me swallow his first load.  For me, it’s almost like being came in twice at the same time.  It’s very intimate and exotic because I can taste his load go down my throat as I feel his penis releasing another load inside my pussy.  As he orgasms, instead of his eyes rolling back or him losing focus, he is paying close attention to everything I am doing with his cum in my mouth and his load.  His second orgasm is purely based off the excitement of what I am doing to his first.  And if you do everything perfect, you may even get a third load in your ass, which we call a “triple threat.”  It’s a very fun and powerful feeling.  Imagine in a matter of seconds, swallowing a mouthful of cum as you feel a penis twitching inside your vagina.  Moments later, you feel your ass being stretched as he nearly dry heaves a third load into your body.  And when it’s all over, you hadn’t slept with three men or made a porn, you just satisfied the man of your dreams.  


Instead of swallowing, I let him look down in my cum filled mouth and stick his dick back down my throat.  In other words, his cum becomes my throat lube as he fucks my mouth for a second time.

creative things to do with cum

Just recently, I discovered a new kind of cum play that really drives my husband wild (The first time we ever did it is actually in the article previously mentioned, you can see the story here:  January 8, 2013 Cum Shot).  We start out face-fucking, and as you may or may not know, when a man cums and his dick is plunged deep into your throat, the semen goes straight down and you cannot taste or feel anything.  But here is the twist: instead of being all the way in me when he cums, he will pull out of my throat and fill my mouth up with his first huge cum shot.   Instead of swallowing, I let him look down in my cum filled mouth and stick his dick back down my throat.  In other words, his cum becomes my throat lube as he fucks my mouth a second time.  I absolutely do not swallow to make sure his whole cum shot covers his dick as he again fucks my throat.   After a few seconds, I can feel his  hard wet dick drive so deep in my throat his ball piercing and crotch grinds into my teeth.  This time, instead of pulling out, he unloads his second cumshot deep in my throat, I can feel his urethra pipe on the underside of his shaft twitching on my tongue and his balls spasming on my lips.  I can also watch as anus tighten and loosen with each release.  Afterwards, the semen from both the first and second orgasms are pushed down my slippery, well-lubed throat.  It can get sloppy from my spit, cum, and tears, but it’s extremely hot, submissive, and downright sexy!

There is so much more you can do with your man’s cum if you really wanted to go above and beyond.  Attitude is everything and a paid porn star eating her co-star’s cum off an ice cream  sandwich shouldn’t be able to out perform you.  Is money more powerful than love?  For me, it’s not.  I will proudly do anything with Ryan’s cum, including the most insane ideas I can come up with, like sniffing his whole cum shot off a mirror.  

Let him cum onto a mirror.  If you want to be cute, take a credit card and shape his ropes into a long line.  Glide your nose across the mirror and sniff his cum like he is a drug.  If you do it right, you can open your mouth when you are done and show him all the cum you just sniffed.  And then swallow him as well….


Other Creative Things Can You Do With Your Man’s Cum

Cum popsicle or sperm ice cubes   

Simply ejaculate your man into a shot glass and add kool-aid or water to the glass.  Put a small toothpick through a small piece of paper that you lay on top of the shot glass (so it stays centered) and put the shot glass in the freezer.  After a few hours, you can either use the sperm ice cube in an adult drink and enjoy your man later, or let him use the ice cube on your nipples and vagina as foreplay the next time you want to spice things up.  If you want to get extremely creative, mix his cum with water and make an ice dildo. 

Cum Lube

Much like the previous idea, save his semen in the freezer so you can use it later.  Rather than leaving it ice, warm it up to use as lube.  No, his semen will not go bad.  There is nothing on earth that is a better lube than his semen.  It’s what all lubes try to emulate.  Whether it be for a night you plan anal, an intense vaginal session, or just a sexy hand job.  Or if you want to get real nasty, pour his warmed semen all over his penis and give him a blow job.  Much like my stories above, you can blow his mind tasting his cum the entire time his new orgasm builds.  If he is multi orgasmic, you can do this in a single sitting.  If he is not, simply have him cum into a shot glass and let him know you want to save it for later.  Trust me, he will let you.

Cum Shots

Great idea, especially if you both are already drinking and get a bit horny.   You can turn it into a game if you like.  If you can make him cum faster than 10 minutes, he has to take the shot.  If you can’t, you have to take it.  Either way, it’s fun.

Just go down on him and give him a blow job.  Make sure you have a shot glass handy.  When he is about to cum, stroke him off into the shot glass.  Add some rum and take the shot.  And that’s a whole other type of cum shot.

creative things to do with cumSniffing His Cum Off A Mirror Like A Drug

Let him cum onto a mirror.  If you want to be cute, take a credit card and  shape his ropes into a long line.  Glide your nose across the mirror and sniff his cum like he is a drug.  If you do it right, you can open your mouth when you are done and show him all the cum you just sniffed.  Yes, you can actually hack it up from the back of your throat back into your mouth.   And then swallow him.  For me, this clears my sinuses.  And surprisingly, no it doesn’t burn.  

Cum Cocktail / Sex Cocktail Inside Your Vagina

This one is a bit extreme, but we enjoy it.  We called it a sex cocktail because it deals with a lot more than just cum.  However, cum is an ingredient.   First you give each other oral sex.  Make sure you give him extremely sloppy head so his entire shaft has that deep saliva, that only comes up when you gag all over him.  This is your lube and a key ingredient to your sex cocktail.  He should also eat your pussy and make sure he digs his tongue up into your hole.  You also want to be as sloppy as possible.  You can also both spit on his during sex to make sure you have enough saliva ingredient inside you.  This is optional, but if you squirt or can control your urine, pee a little and let him do the same.  I will squirt throughout the session to make sure I add my flavor.  My husband has a bit of trouble peeing while erect, so he will stop and concentrate for a few moments and just fill me up with his urine.  At this point, it’s a mess.  He will then stick his dick back inside me and fuck me until we both cum.  At the end of the session, we should have double saliva, double urine, double cum, and my vagina totally full of all this flavor.  I will get up and we will 69 each other.  I get to taste myself on his dick, he gets to drink the cocktail out of my body. 

This isn’t everything you can do with a sex cocktail, but we will save the Bloody Mary version for a different day.  

Cum Seasoning

The taste of his cum on your meal will not ruin the flavor.  Depending on what you are eating, you won’t even be able to taste it. What it will do is elevate how much your man loves you and thinks about you.  Take a serving of his cum, throw it in with an ego, fry it.  Scrambled eggs and sperm.  Maybe even throw some ketchup on it if you want to get crazy!  

Don’t forget to ask him if he would like to try it himself.  

Even on his worse day, if you left him for whatever reason, he’d always remember this type of thing and know you were one of the wildest women he has ever been with.  Goals right?  For some of us ladies who actually do enjoy the flavor, it just makes our food better.  Win, win.

Coffee and Cream, A Long Day At Work and Selfies

I’ve used  my husband’s cum inside my coffee for cream a lot.  The catch here isn’t just that you worship his cum enough to enjoy it all throughout your work day, but you also send selfies of yourself drinking the coffee.  Your man loves watching you swallow him right?  So how about he watches you drink an entire coffee, for a span of 4 hours, slowly swallowing him and your morning coffee.   This is something we did as one of my 31 days of swallowing cum years ago.  But it was so fun I still do it every now and then just to tease him.

Sexy right?


So all these cool things we have done with our cum in this blog but I haven’t even said one of the most basic ideas.  The classic facial.  Sexy huh?  Well, how about you save his cum one morning and store it however you like.  Whether it be plastic bag, a sippy cup, or whatever tickles your fantasy.  Later in the day, call your husband while he is at work on Facetime and give him some…well, face time.  Let him know you have his morning cum and let him watch you drip it down onto your face and mouth for him to watch.  Chances are, no woman has ever done anything like this for him in his life.  Well, be that woman.  

Ladies, this is about making memories.  Do you think he will ever forget the time you called him at work over Facetime and gave yourself a facial with his morning cum 8 hours later?  Of course he won’t.  Imagine the possibilities of a long distance relationship and saving his cum during a visit, so when back home you can turn him on again, while also enjoying him when you miss him the most.  

If you want to be even more creative, there are a lot of new toys where you can play with each other long distance.  Most of these toys use your phone to function.   So while he uses his phone to make your vibrator vibrate to his touch, wouldn’t it be nice to have some of his cum saved to use as lube/drip on your lips/swallow while he watches you cum for him over Facetime?  

Originally Published on: Sep 12, 2013 


Q&A: My Girlfriend Makes Jokes About My Penis Size

Q&A: My Girlfriend Makes Jokes About My Penis Size

Initially she used to poke fun at my size, and I was not quite bothered with it, I used to take it in good vein. But it continued (the joking as such as not probably increased, but it is consistent) and now somewhere I have begun to feel insecure about my size, and if she is happy or satisfied with me.

I have talked to her, she said, they’re just jokes, and I believe her also. But the bug of insecurity in my head has already crept in.

Is she just being polite in not confronting me if my size bothers her?

Should I again talk to her? But what will I say ? She will again say they’re just jokes.

Or should I “not laugh” or “not support” her jokes or even object to them outright (honestly this seems pretty rude to me though)?

This seems so trivial, I don’t know what to say or even take an offence on it, or ignore it, or what it she’s really unsatisfied!?

Venice’s response to penis size

I would suggest having an open discussion with her and letting her know these jokes are making you feel insecure.  Once you have told her, do not laugh or support her jokes.  You not laughing is just as rude as her saying a joke you have told her makes you feel insecure.  

Personally, I would never say any joke about my husband that isn’t body positive.  If he gets upset at something I might tease him like,  “Well at least you have a big dick.”   Or if he moves something heavy that I can’t move I act impressed and say, “Dang, all that big dick energy.”    I definitely wouldn’t tease him about anything negative.  The same as if he teased me and said, “Oh that fish smells like your vagina!”  Or, “This shirt is so loose if feels like your vagina!”   I definitely wouldn’t laugh.  Even if it was a joke or teasing me, I do not want to hear negative jokes about my body.  I don’t think its silly to talk to your partner and let them know, these types of jokes just aren’t funny to you.

Ryan’s response to penis size

Whether a woman considers me small, average, or large, any joke about my penis better be about it being too large.  Yes, I am that petty.  I don’t care if my penis was 3 inches erect, any joke better be body positive.  Personally I am not attracted to a person who is insensitive to others’ feelings, especially something as sensitive as a man’s penis.  And as the old saying goes, treat people the way you like to be treated.  Personally, I couldn’t imagine myself saying a mean joke to a person about their body, especially if I knew it could possibly hurt their feelings, and they aren’t being mean to me.

We’ve had various women in our group expose their breasts drunk, playing around, or just getting a bit wild.  And sometimes, because alcohol is involved, the group may tease the person (just an example), “Girl those things are getting saggy!”   No matter the mood,  I personally do not jump in on those jokes.  Whether it’s teasing or playful, I don’t find it funny to tease a person about their body.  

With that said, talk to your girlfriend about her jokes and let her know you no longer find them funny.  I assume she will understand and let it go.  If she continues to say jokes, either don’t laugh, let her know it wasn’t funny, or ask her how she’d feel if you said her vagina was huge?   I’m pretty sure she will understand size jokes aren’t very funny when you respond teasing her about the size of her vagina.

My husband and I finally tried anal and it was amazing!

My husband and I finally tried anal and it was amazing!

I am 29 and my husband is 30.  As someone who was searching for anal advice recently and found your blog, I thought I’d share my experience.

I wasn’t technically an anal virgin when I met my husband. It happened with two previous boyfriends, but both were very painful, unplanned, “oops it slipped into the wrong hole” when drunk situations. Both were awful. My husband and I tried anal early in our relationship, but I was so nervous that we never made it past toys.

The idea of getting railed in the ass has always really turned me on, so I was determined to try again. We picked out an anal plug beginners kit and some good lube. I decided to go the extra mile, so I did a fleet enema (got it on Amazon) before we started. I also had a tiny edible, so I would feel more relaxed.

We started with some basic foreplay and PIV sex. Then we moved on to the plug kit. We got to the biggest plug and decided to give it a go. He was so gentle, slowed down and stopped when I asked without hesitation. Once I was fully adjusted to him he steadily increased speed until he was going for it and it was so. Fucking. Amazing. Legitimately one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. Will 100% do it again.

My point is, don’t let previous bad experiences scare you away from trying something you’re interested in. With the right partner and open communication, it could become something you end up loving.

Venice’s response to finally tried anal

I am so glad you had an amazing experience!   And you know what else?!  Anal sex and semen in a woman’s ass causes a higher sex drive.   So don’t be surprised if you try this more often and you start having random spurts of being extremely horny.  Trust me, it happened to me.

I have a similar story with orgasms.   The first time I orgasmed while analing (with the help from a toy), my orgasm was so much more intense.   I believe this is because of the pressure and stretch your anus feels, which helps make the orgasm much better.  When I orgasm though vaginal penetration, I liked to be fucked hard while I cum.  When I orgasm while analing, I do not have to be fucked hard because the stretch and pressure is already intense enough to maximize the pleasure I feel during an orgasm.

Ryan’s response to finally tried anal

We are both really happy for you!  I am glad our blog could help you keep an open mind and try something that you previously had bad experiences with.  Maybe your story will help others also see the advantages of anal sex.

Q&A: My Husband Came Out As Bisexual

Q&A:  My Husband Came Out As Bisexual

So my husband and I of three years were laying in bed a few nights ago talking about myself being bisexual and he asked shyly how I knew and when I knew. I answered and carried on like nothing happened when he said he wanted to tell me something. He came out to me as bisexual as well and talked about how he had a hookup style relationship with a guy before we started dating. He’s keep it a secret for years because his parents have always said its Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. It was a major breakthrough and I’m the first person he’s ever told and he was especially scared to even tell me (he finally felt super confident and empowered to tell someone I’ve always been super out about it) . It felt so heartwarming and its brought us even closer than before.

Tonight while we were in bed together he brings up wanting to explore his newly opened specialty in bed with toys. My question is where should we start? any advise from people who have been through similar situations would be amazing.

Venice’s response to bisexual husband

Not really that uncommon.  In fact, the amount of men totally in the closet that are married is astronomical.  Ask any gay man you know if they hook up with husbands.  You’ll get laughed at!  I’d go as far as saying that there are just as secretly bisexual married men apps like Grindr as their are openly gay men.


Some things you can try with your bisexual husband:

Pegging.  This is where the woman wears a strap on and takes on the dominant role.  Not all men that participate in this activity are bisexual, but it is role reversal and can be extremely fun and sexy.  For a bisexual man, probably even more so.  You can roleplay that you are a man, or you can just be the woman taking on a dominant position, piping down your husband until he explodes on his own chest and stomach.

Toss his salad.  Again, nothing between a man and woman is bisexual, but the act of him being vulnerable and bending over for another person can be something  a bisexual man would appreciate.  I would also consider this an act that was made popular by gay culture.  Not that a man and woman can’t enjoy rimming each other, but this kink was extremely big in gay culture.  Tossing salad with no shame.

Snowballing.    This doesn’t always have to be from the your mouth to his, but that is the basic term.  Because it builds up volume going from your mouth, mixing with your salvia, into another person’s mouth, it is called snowballing. However, you can break the rules a bit and find creative ways to feed him his own semen.  Whether it be with your hands, your mouth, or allowing him to cum directly into a shot glass and drinking his own semen while you watch.  Kiss him and make him feel loved.  Make sure you let him know you find it sexy so he doesn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.  And just know, chances are he has tasted and swallowed his own cum numerous times but would never tell a soul.  So if he is willing to do it in front of you, you will only get closer.

Exploring his prostate while giving him a blow job.  Or just prostate play in general.  Although again, this isn’t always a bisexual thing, it definitely can be something a bisexual man can enjoy and appreciate.  

The next suggestion is a bit more serious and not something I’d suggest trying until you are ready for this type of lifestyle change.

Offer to allow a gay man to enter your bedroom.  If he is not interested in seeing a man be with you, let him know that you will not do any sort of oral or penetration with the guy, but will spoil him together with another man.  This would be the ultimate bi experience.  It may lead to other things, but this can be sexy as hell.  It is also closure to your old way of seeing your husband, and hands on experience watching him enjoy another man.  Or be enjoyed by another man.

Ryan’s response to bisexual husband

Congratulations, life will be so much better for you with this type of openness and communication.  In fact, everything can be better now if you get to learn his sexuality and the things he’d like to try.  And remember, being bisexual doesn’t mean he will ever do anything sexual with another man.  Marriage is still marriage and if you are monogamous, bisexuality doesn’t give him permission to have sex with men.  Men that aren’t bisexual like women in general.  That doesn’t mean they can go out and bang more girls just because they like them.

As far as suggestions go, Venice has really hit the nail on the head with hers.  

My Nude Photos and Anal Plug Fixed My Garage!

plug-001My Nude Photos and Anal Plug Fixed My Garage!

It’s no secret. Everyday, I spend my morning with my husband. We  take time every morning so that we can start our day off  sexually charged and be on each other’s minds throughout the day.
Today, however,  I decided to do something a little unexpected. As I headed out today, after our morning time together, my husband asked me to open the garage for him. For us, it’s not as simple as pressing a button and the garage opens on its own. No! Because of a faulty spring, someone has to press the button while another person has to manually lift a 300 lb garage door, or else it will fall and slam onto the ground. It halfway works, but it has to be nudged along.  

So today, as I was getting dressed for work, my husband asked me to press the button. I wasn’t ready because I wanted to surprise him by putting in my butt plug that I hadn’t worn in years. I thought it would be as simple as taking it out of my drawer and inserting it without him knowing because he was already on his way out the door.
Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  He was impatient and standing in the garage yelling at the top of his lungs, “Help me! I’m waiting! What are you doing?!   Venice?!” 

I yelled from inside the bedroom, “Hold on! I’m coming!  Give me a second!” 

To which he responds, “What are you doing?!  Why is it taking you so long to come here and press the damn button!”  As he is yelling this, I am holding my little silver butt plug in my hand and dipping it into my coconut oil for easier insertion. Suddenly, Ryan walks into the bedroom, stomping his way across the hallway and says, “When I ask for your help, I expect you to come and help!”   I’m still giddy and laughing on the inside because all I want to do is put this damn thing in my ass and get to work.

Eventually I get the plug in and help him get the garage up (the button pusher to the rescue).  I get to work a few minutes early.  At about 8:02 a.m. I’ve got a gallery of pictures on my phone of me bent over, ass cheeks spread, anal plug showing.  I greet Ryan on text and say, “Hey what are you doing?”

He responded, “Just getting to work.”

I responded, “Do you want to play a game?  The game is called ‘Guess where I want you to cum in me tonight?”  I then sent him about 8 or 9 pictures, my face, breasts, ass, and of course, the last pictures being me wearing the anal plug.  All I can do is smile as I’m looking at my phone watching each picture slowly load and send.   I then add, “This is what I was doing while you were yelling at me to help you in the garage.”  

About three and a half minutes later, Ryan tells me that my pictures cost us about $195. When I asked him why, he said that he shouldn’t have been so impatient and seeing those pictures of me wearing the anal plug made him realize that fixing the garage door was now a priority.  He felt  having a good morning was more important than him yelling at me to come help him push a button.   It just took a simple anal plug.

So as I’m writing this, Ryan is at home watching the garage door get fixed. And now I’m thinking…what can I do to get a patio installed?