The Pushback -The Untalked About Mechanism Used To Create Better Orgasms For Men

The Pushback – The Untalked About Mechanism Used To Create Better Orgasms For Men

The Pushback is a descriptive word that can possibly help you understand the mechanics behind sex and the male orgasm that hasn’t really been discussed before.  And what’s really cool, just understanding The Pushback can possibly help you give you and your partners better orgasms.  So let’s get into the important stuff shall we?

A great example of the mechanisms in action during a man’s orgasm.  The area spasming is the perineum (also known as the guiche/taint).   This is also the base of the penis (under the balls towards the anus) where the prostate is located.


The Pushback, The Mechanism Behind A Man’s Best Orgasm

Fellas, you can make your orgasms much better if you know what exactly is causing them.  Let’s start with a simple example so we can all be on the same page.  Ladies you can follow along too! Make a cylinder with your hand and gently put it around your thumb.  Now move your thumb slowly in and out.  You will feel a slight tickle sensation across your thumb’s surface area.  You will also feel that you have a good sense of all the various textures and ridges in your hand. Now, do the same thing except squeeze your hand tighter around your thumb.  As you move in and out, you will notice that you actually feel less detail of the hand because of the pressure surrounding the thumb as a whole.  However, you can feel the resistance and it is obviously much tighter.  Now ask yourself, why does a tight vagina or anus feel so much better than a loose one?   First, your penis isn’t your thumb.  It is much more sensitive and has very sensitive nerve endings at the tip of the head and frenulum area.  The tight sensation around your penis also creates much more friction as it  rubs through a woman’s walls.  The idea of friction makes immediate sense, because if it’s tighter, it creates more friction and that just better around our penises right?  So this is why tight pussy feels better?

Not so fast… Sex Secrets Slowed Down

There is more.  Go back to putting your hand around your thumb and squeezing.  As you move in and out, I want you to pay attention to the knuckle at the base of your thumb.  In fact, you can actually visually watch your knuckle respond to the motion as you move your thumb in and out of the hand.   The tighter you squeeze, the more resistance, the more you will see that thumb knuckle move around the base of your thumb.  That is what we call “The Pushback.”  And that knuckle in comparison to your penis, is your prostate.  

If you are following along, I feel like this is the moment the light bulb goes off in your head and you have just been awoken.   It’s that simple.  Something that has never been put into words or talked about, makes all the sense in the world when you finally hear it.   Let me let you take your time to register that example for a second. The  untold Sex Secrets.

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Best Anus Contest – Best Balls Contest – Best Vagina Contest

vagina and anus contest

Best Anus Contest – Best Balls Contest – Best Vagina Contest

Well, sometimes we blog about things that aren’t really current events but just something we happen to run across randomly on the internet.  If you’ve ever wanted to see a best anus contest, or a best balls contest, we have some links for you.

Do we agree with these winners?  We can’t call it.  A taste test may be required!  


best anus contest

Unfortunately the websites hosting the Best Anus Contest and Best Balls Contest have been taken offline.  We do have the one time winner of the best anus in the world and apparently, the forever reigning champion of most beautiful anus on earth:

Best Anus In The World


We are not sponsored nor affiliated with any of the links above.  As with all our Wild Wild Web entries, this is just dumb sexual things we found  interesting and wanted to share with our readers.


Q&A: Am I A Fetish? Asian Girl Only Asked To HOOK UP, but not Date

Am I A Fetish? Asian Girl Only Asked To HOOK UP, but not Date

I’m a 21 F and I’m a 5’0 Asian, I can’t help but feel like all of the interactions I’ve had with guys are them sexualizing me and wanting to sleep with me, but none of them consider me in any way other than sexual. Like even when my friends who are white have dating profiles, all of their DMs are like let me take you out but mine are like when are we gonna link.

Venice’s response to Asian Girl am I a Fetish:

Every type of woman is a fetish.  Old, young, white, black, Asian, Spanish, chubby, skinny, etc.  And thank God for that.  If we weren’t a fetish of some sort, the fellas would be sitting on their game consoles all night arguing with each other where to drop on the map. Us being a fetish keeps them bathed, shaved, and behaved.  

Maybe look into your profile picture or info.  If you are being a bit flirty and funny, it may bring a different group of men than if you are straight forward with exactly what you are looking for.

Not really a bad profile, but flirty, naughty, and a bit more of a tease to the men who read it.  You’ll attract a certain type with this:

And the 420 friendly doesn’t help!

Now, let’s use the exact same photo, with something less flirty and more straight forward.  

You’ll get a whole different type of guy with this message.  They may be a bit boring, but you get what you ask for.

Ryan’s response to Asian Girl am I a Fetish:

We definitely have a type.  And you definitely need to filter who you decide to reply to.  You will get men that love Asian women because they are Asian and they want to “try” it.  The same as guys may hit up black girls/large girls/white girls/skinny girls with no real intention of dating seriously.  Just a fetish. So yes, if you catch a guy that is more into you as a fetish, you will be a fetish.  But rest assure, there are lines and lines of guys that would love to date a smart attractive Asian woman.  I was one of them!  I didn’t care if I was linking up or not, I knew I’d end up marrying an Asian woman, because that’s my type.  We have types.   

To be honest, I was happy if an Asian girl even said hi to me.  I grew up thinking American Asian girls would never even give me the time of day.  I thought I wasn’t their type!

Do you ever get turned on or wet during a Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian WaxDo you ever get turned on or wet during a Brazilian Wax?

We have always tried to help our readers with the various things they go through in their life, from How To Shave Your Balls Properly, to Learning to Deepthroat.  Today we are going to go back into the grooming area and talk a bit about being embarrassed to go to a professional for a Brazilian Wax.  

Hey, my husband had his penis tattooed, so getting a wax should be a piece of cake right?

What is a Brazilian wax?

With a Brazilian wax, the pubic hair is groomed and removed from the front of the woman’s pubic bone, around the external genitals (labia), between the upper thighs, and around the anus.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose to remove all hair in the area or leave a small strip of hair in the front.


Is Getting Wet Embarrassing or Normal?

To ease the anxiety people feel with going to an esthetician for a Brazilian Wax, we have gathered responses from people who spoke about their experiences getting their private areas waxed, and what they felt about getting wet or an erection during an appointment.  Should you be embarrassed or not?

I got very wet the last time I visited my waxing place. It’s not because I was sexually attracted to her. It’s because my new aesthetician was very silent during the process which shifted my focus on the physical stimulus. The ones I’ve had before usually kept me engaged in conversation which kept me distracted.  I can’t lie, I am actually too embarrassed to go back to the same aesthetician.

I got extremely wet last week when I went and got mine done. Even worse, it was my best friends new salon she just opened and her waxer was training someone so there were two ladies elbow deep in my vagina. 

I used to get laser down there and I didn’t get aroused but sometimes I felt wet wet because it just gets wet for no sexual reason sometimes.

I get wet every time I get waxed, the temperature just does that to me. I guarantee they’ve all seen this reaction before and don’t care. I’ve taken to just taking a pack of wipes and going “wipe break” when I can feel things going on, or tbh sticking a tampon in before my wax and tucking the string in to keep things “contained”. I’ve talked at length with my waxer about her “horror stories” and I promise that a vagina behaving like a vagina is going to be the absolute bottom of her wtf ladder.

Getting wet is very common, and not even in an aroused sort of way. I’ve got a great wax lady and she works with the speed of light on Brazilians – she says mostly because it’s common for the vagina to start self lubricating after about five minutes. A general fear / pain / stimulus response.

So I guess if you’re gonna get wet anyway might as well be the pleasant kind. They probably can’t tell nor care, aside from it being a bit of a hassle?

Totally normal. I actually got aroused the last couple times due to the level of pressure the waxer used when doing the prep wipe. That didn’t phase me one bit. Her always being behind schedule…. a whole different story


The Brozilian Wax 

Women aren’t the only ones that get a Brazilian wax.  Some men refer to them as “Brozilian” but here are a few of the fellas responses:  

I’m a guy who routinely gets Brazilians. You just gotta ask around for a place that will do guys because I’d say at least half won’t. You just treat it like it’s business and no big deal, because that’s what it is.

I had several waxings done with no issues so I was feeling pretty confident about my ability to ummmm “control” myself. Then for whatever reason, I just started getting an erection during one. Not like full on, but a good half chub and I fought that shit like my life depended on it. I was super embarrassed and there is no way the aesthetician didn’t notice, but she continued on and the chub went away like it never happened. I thought that would never happen to me, but it did, and it wasn’t a big deal. I think I handled it as well as one could and I’ll go back once this pandemic is over.

I get an erection sometimes when getting waxed. Sometimes I don’t. I’ve been going to the same person for years and she’s never even mentioned it, besides after the first time to reassure me it happens and not to worry about it.

Just go back when you’re hair is long enough and get the same person if she did a good job. If she didn’t then ask for someone different.

I got a boner the last time I went for a Brazilian wax, which was particularly embarrassing because it was also a training session with a few newbies in the room observing. Fact of the matter is, it’s a job, they’re dealing with people’s privates as a part of the job. I’m fairly certain it’s just something that happens and I doubt they’ll pay it any mind. I mean, I get feeling embarrassed, but I’m also 100% certain that there is no need to dwell on it, either!


If this above happens, be embarrassed.   Getting an erection is one thing, but having an actual orgasm during an appointment with an esthetician in training?  Notice still, the experienced esthetician doesn’t even bat an eye.

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