Anie’s Diary – The Beginning

About Anie: Anie is an attractive married woman that has came out to her husband that she is bisexual and wants to enjoy a threesome with another woman with him. She has only been married for 3 years. Although she would love to have a threesome with her husband, it isn’t that easy. So far she has found her first girlfriend, but the other girl isn’t interested in a threesome. For those of us in this open lifestyle, this is a very familiar situation. It’s possible the other girl also wants Anie to join her in her own threesome with her male counterpart, which Anie also isn’t interested in. Her blog will clarify and fill us in on all the trials and tribulations of a woman looking to enjoy both sides of being bisexual, in one bedroom, with her husband.  Stay tuned and read the blogs below. All Anie’s blogs will start as followed:  “Anie Diary”

DiaryOnce Hub was aware of my new found desires and after countless discussions of this being something we could share together, he was incredibly supportive of my attraction to women. He knows I am not interested in another male at all, just wanted to experience a softer more womanly touch. We would go out and he would ask me what my type of woman was, we would talk to waitresses while at dinner but neither of us could ever go to the next step and let someone know that WE were attracted to her and if we did then what would the next step be…? I remember asking V at some point for advice. I expressed to her how I just wish what we wanted would just fall into my lap. She suggested trying an online dating site. So we did, mind you I work full time, am a student, and Hub and I work completely different shifts at work. So he basically left the online dating thing up to me. We set up a profile expressing what we wanted and of course got responses from everyone but what we were looking for. It was the most annoying and impersonal thing ever to me. I quickly grew bored of it and moved on. With working, school and life in general I wasn’t able to keep up the search. But the desire still burned within… especially for me.

So what exactly are we looking for? A woman that we are obviously attracted too, preferably single, interested in engaging sexually with the both of us no strings attached. Seems simple right…

Meanwhile as life and work goes on it kinda got pushed to the back burner. A few months ago this woman at my job starts flirting with me, I suppose I was flirting with her as well but it all seemed to be friendly. I told Hub about her he suggested to see where it would go. I was apprehensive with starting anything with someone in the workplace, we work about two feet from one another. At that time I didn’t know what her intentions were, she could have just wanted to be my friend, plus she has a boyfriend so she wasn’t really on my radar. She asked me to have drinks with her after work one day. I agreed of course… She kept calling it a date I insisted it was just drinks and away we went.

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