Anie’s Diary – The Beginning

About Anie: Anie is an attractive married woman that has came out to her husband that she is bisexual and wants to enjoy a threesome with another woman with him. She has only been married for 3 years. Although she would love to have a threesome with her husband, it isn’t that easy. So far she has found her first girlfriend, but the other girl isn’t interested in a threesome. For those of us in this open lifestyle, this is a very familiar situation. It’s possible the other girl also wants Anie to join her in her own threesome with her male counterpart, which Anie also isn’t interested in. Her blog will clarify and fill us in on all the trials and tribulations of a woman looking to enjoy both sides of being bisexual, in one bedroom, with her husband.  Stay tuned and read the blogs below. All Anie’s blogs will start as followed:  “Anie Diary”

DiaryOnce Hub was aware of my new found desires and after countless discussions of this being something we could share together, he was incredibly supportive of my attraction to women. He knows I am not interested in another male at all, just wanted to experience a softer more womanly touch. We would go out and he would ask me what my type of woman was, we would talk to waitresses while at dinner but neither of us could ever go to the next step and let someone know that WE were attracted to her and if we did then what would the next step be…? I remember asking V at some point for advice. I expressed to her how I just wish what we wanted would just fall into my lap. She suggested trying an online dating site. So we did, mind you I work full time, am a student, and Hub and I work completely different shifts at work. So he basically left the online dating thing up to me. We set up a profile expressing what we wanted and of course got responses from everyone but what we were looking for. It was the most annoying and impersonal thing ever to me. I quickly grew bored of it and moved on. With working, school and life in general I wasn’t able to keep up the search. But the desire still burned within… especially for me.

So what exactly are we looking for? A woman that we are obviously attracted too, preferably single, interested in engaging sexually with the both of us no strings attached. Seems simple right…

Meanwhile as life and work goes on it kinda got pushed to the back burner. A few months ago this woman at my job starts flirting with me, I suppose I was flirting with her as well but it all seemed to be friendly. I told Hub about her he suggested to see where it would go. I was apprehensive with starting anything with someone in the workplace, we work about two feet from one another. At that time I didn’t know what her intentions were, she could have just wanted to be my friend, plus she has a boyfriend so she wasn’t really on my radar. She asked me to have drinks with her after work one day. I agreed of course… She kept calling it a date I insisted it was just drinks and away we went.

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Song Lyrics Meaning – “Good Kisser” by Usher

Usher-Justin-BieberUsher is great. I like Usher. I don’t like him like him, but I like Usher. In the way I like Olive Garden: I don’t willingly and actively dine there on a regular basis and it’s not my favorite restaurant, but if we go there for an office luncheon, it’s pretty dang good.

One of my favorite Usher songs is “Good Kisser.” It’s a pretty innocent title. If my seven-year-old nephew were to sing it in a falsetto voice, I’d think he was pretty dang adorable. But as I played the 50 songs on my “most played tracks” playlist, this song was around song #28. Good kisser, eh? This song is not about people kissing. I really, truly think it’s about sucking cock.

I done been around the world, I done kissed a lot of girls […] and I bet a million dollars don’t nobody kiss it like you.

He’s telling us that he’s had a lot of girlfriends in the past (what a whore). And because of this, we’re led to believe that he is a great candidate, if not THE leading authority, for male promiscuity. When you’ve “been around the world” like he has, it’s hard to question him. So he’s “kissed a lot of girls,” a.k.a. got his dick sucked by them. But now that he’s with his current girlfriend, he is paying homage to her cut-above-the-rest dick sucking skills. That’s how it should be. Never put an ex or anyone in the past on a pedestal.

The devil is a lie, Them other girls can’t compete with mine.

The devil represents the collective women before her and the experiences with them. She’s self-conscious about competing with not just one of them, but all of them. But he’s quick to say they cannot compete with her:

You do it so good, you fuck my mind.

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The Quad Q&A: When Do I Tell A New Prospect I Am Poly?

first date poly rulesOkay so for reference, I’m a 22 year old female who has been dating one 25 year old man for four years now. We’re happy, he knows I’m poly, it’s been on the table for about 3 years now. Right now it’s a long distance relationship, although it hasn’t always been. I’m having no problems with him. The issue I’m having is that for the first time since then, someone is interested in me and I think I royally messed up the order of things.

Friday night I went by myself to a local dance hall/club to check it. I considered that maybe I might be able to hook up with someone but I wasn’t really looking for anyone to actually date. Long story short, I ended up bringing a guy back home with me. Since I was expecting a one night stand and was also kind of frazzled that anyone had found me attractive enough to go home with, I didn’t bring up that I was poly. I really wasn’t expecting to ever see him again after I drove him back to his car the next day, but I underestimated my charm apparently because he definitely wants to see me again. He asked ME for my number and said he wants to meet up with me next week at the club again.

I have seen advice from other Poly people that I should always be open with someone I meet about being poly before anything sexual happens between us.   While we didn’t have sex, we did have sexual contact. He never asked if I was seeing someone and trust me when I say that if he had, I would have been honest about it.  But I just never felt that there was an appropriate time to bring it up. It was also loud and it would have probably been a complicated conversation to have in a club. I feel like a jerk about it now, but I just really didn’t think I would have to deal with this! poly first date rules

This new guy is older than my boyfriend, and is also getting a doctorate in some field of psychology. He didn’t seem to have a problem with the other weird things I revealed about myself, so I think it’s safe to assume he won’t be too shocked when I tell him I am poly.  He may be upset I didn’t tell him the first night we had sexual contact though. poly first date rules

My personal friends don’t have any experience with this sort of stuff, so I’m coming to you guys for help with this. I want to tell him before we meet again. I know that keeping it from him any longer is a really bad idea, I think. I feel like I got thrown in the deep end with this and I’m really inexperienced. My initial idea was to text him and ask to meet for coffee because I had to talk to him about something.  However, I could also just text him so that if it ends up that he doesn’t want to hang out with me anymore, neither of us have to deal with being face to face with each other. Texting feels too impersonal. Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions for me? Did I mess up by having sexual contact with him without letting him know I was poly? Should I tell him before we meet again, and do I really have to tell him? poly first date rules poly first date rules

*As a group we decided to each take the question and answer it on our own, without seeing the others’ responses

Gunnar’s Response:
As a man who has multiple girlfriends my fear is always “will I be accepted”. This also seems to be in the back of your mind. Society today is more progressive but there are still some who are negative towards poly or multiple partners. I am glad that you want to air this out, although you didn’t mention what was discussed fully between each other outside of “weird things about yourself”. Was sexual history discussed? Besides what positions you like ;). What about his current status? My concerns always hinge on those two points since it establishes a baseline. It also leads to other conversations like that you are poly.

With that said, I am curious on what your other partner is aware of. Do you have any set rules or boundaries? Do you communicate everything that happens in your lives including lovers or potential dates? With having long distance relationships (I am in two right now) communication is so much more important than being local. Not having the physical contact and regular interaction makes it hard to ensure you are on the same page. Trust me, it is very easy to fall into this trap and end up having long conversations after the fact.

With the assumptions that I have, advising your new interest on your status is very important. Not all men like to share. However, not all men care either. It could end up being just another night that ends in sex and that is it. Either way it seems that you had fun and if it happens again, you wouldn’t argue. You also don’t seem to be looking for something more with this new guy. As to when to tell him, I’d suggest doing it with texts (if you are texting). I do most of my base questions through texting, so that is not as bad as you think. Either in person or over text works, more on what you are comfortable with. It’s not like you are dumping the guy. You are simply setting expectations and ensuring no assumptions are being made going forward.

Communication is key to any relationship. Friends, family and relationships. It is how all relationships work, and without it, they will ultimately fail. Myself having multiple girls I ensure that they are all aware of each other. Based on the relationship they are informed as needed. My wives (married and poly wife) are always informed about my dates along with expectations (sex is always on the table). Again, these are the rules I have set with everyone and there is no hard or fast rule in the lifestyle.  Just be honest to yourself and your partners and things will work out.

Now this is all from a man’s point of view, so I am curious on a woman’s point of view.

Krystalla’s Response:
Yes, you need to tell him, and if it were me, I would do it before you see him again. It’s easy to get caught up in hormones and everything while in the situation, then processing everything after can make you think “what did I do?” Don’t beat yourself up about that, take it as a learning experience. It happened and you didn’t go beyond your own boundaries (right? if you did, then that’s a whole other processing point), so before going further you need to tell this guy.

Personally I would text him the basics, that you’re non-monogamous, and then if he’s fine with it, go into more details about your poly long distance relationship and stance on things when you meet again. Also, you should probably clarify if he’s single or not. I am also assuming that you’ve discussed what had transpired with your current partner, and your thoughts going forward with this other guy…? Honesty and open communication are of utmost importance in a successful relationship, and are even more important when you’re dealing with dating more than one.

Lexxi’s Response:
I think that it is important to open up with him and discuss. Use your first partner as a sounding board also, let him in on your dilemma, that way you have someone by your side, so to speak.

Don’t wait too long. It only makes things harder, not to mention, it will hurt not just you, but both other men as well. No one likes to be kept a secret, and by not being upfront with the new potential person, you would be doing just that.

How to go about it? I am not sure how much you discussed after leaving the club the last time, but perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad thing to suggest to meet up for general conversation over coffee. I agree that the club setting is not the best place to have important conversations of any kind, and you may want to get to know him better if the conversation about poly works out for you. Coffee shop would be more conducive for those types of conversations. May I suggest you simply say, in your text, that you would like to have a chance to chat in a neutral setting that isn’t too loud before meeting again, that is, if he asks why.

Good luck 😉

Bob’s Response:
First off, I’m assuming your current boyfriend knows about your activities… and that you are looking for play partner and that you have some kind of protocol to communicate what the two of you need/want to discuss. To me that is the important part of this; communication (however you are comfortable with) between established poly partners is the key.  As for this new guy, to me I say don’t sweat it, poly is a controversial issue and not everyone understands it. At this point in the relationship, aka a booty call, it’s not the kind of information that needs to be shared. Now that is me, the emotionless swinger. Since you are asking this question I’m assuming that the fact that it’s bothering you, you need to add this in your conversation protocol to any potential play partner. So in the future, I say bring it into the conversation, if nothing else, just to make you feel like you are honoring your poly guidelines. Now for your current and situation, are you interested in this guy? That is the question. If you are, and considering the reaction you are having, I would say bring it up in conversation. As for how…well I can’t really tell you which one is better. It all depends on you and your communication style. If it was me I would do it during the next date (I’m assuming that there will be one). Be honest and matter of fact. This is who you are. If he has issue, that’s his problem…walk away. If not, well girl have some fun. poly first date rules

Rating Your Penis Selfies: The Deer Hunter (nsfw)


Thinking about sending that hottie you just met on tinder your penis selfie? Maybe your twitter finger is a bit itchy and you want to show the world what you are working with? Well before you do that, maybe you should think about letting a neutral eye critique it first. Who knows, you may lose the possible future love of your life because you sent a penis pic that wasn’t up to a woman’s standards.  Yea, some women may enjoy a photoshopped 12 inch cock that is so warped the chair in the background of the photo has taken on a whole new shape, or a picture of your penis with a with a rose sticking out of its penis hole, while in the background there is a toilet filled with a log that is double the size of your schlong, but you can never get a second chance to make a first dick selfie impression! Listen fellas, let’s face it, a penis pic is a dime a dozen. There is very little demand and a whole lot of supply. What sets apart your dick from a porn stars isn’t going to be its size or shape, but the creativeness of the photo itself. That’s what women give a second look at. With that being said, let’s see if you can separate your penis selfie from the pack.  Think quality, artistry, vision, grooming style, and of course, penis placement!  You can submit your pics by emailing me at

The penis submission is below (Click Read More)

The Deer Hunter

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2015 Top 10 Sex Blogs for Couples

Top10So we took a year off from our top list, but we’re back. Our list this year is going to have a different format as there is no need to number them. Unfortunately, a lot of sex blogs have went from informative articles and great opinion pieces, to reviews of sex toys and more reviews of sex toys. You can pretty much go to and read the reviews on vibrators and dildos and get the same type of content a lot of bloggers are releasing weekly. It’s unfortunate, because creativity seems to have taken a back seat to getting free merch and powder puffing reviews of vibrators as if there are huge differences. Don’t get offended sex bloggers, we are guilty of the same thing!  Which is why we have slowed down our review section back to once every other month or so, if that.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are 1000s of readers that enjoy reading the slight difference in how a sleek and sexy purple dildo with bejeweled rhinestones shakes a blogger’s clit so much more different than the aggressive and adventurous neon orange glow in the dark dildo with  a secret compartment for your butt plug she reviewed the week before. Interesting stuff for sure!

But enough about that! Let’s talk about our top 10 sex blogs for couples in 2015. We have decided to stick with what we know, and share with our readers the sites that are geared more towards our own tastes, couple friendly, sex driven, with sexy photos and other informative articles that can help couples spice up their own sex lives.

A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

Ryan: Unfortunately the creator of A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind, Bobby Morgan, passed away in 2015.  As much as I want to talk about all the great naughty articles she shared, that we have always thoroughly enjoyed, I can’t really say much other than go check out her blog and enjoy. Her work is the epitome of what a sex blog should be, in our humble opinion. And we aren’t sharing our love for her work posthumous, we have included A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind in all of our yearly Top Sex Blogging Lists since we’ve been blogging.

Her Own Bio:

I started this blog in September 2012. It was built on the inspiration of the love affair of a lifetime between me and my lover, Parrot. So often we’d say (and still say) that if most people knew of how amazing our sex and relationship are that they’d never believe it. If only we could teach, bottle, sell or share our secrets of our great sex, romance and relationship, more people would be happier and more fulfilled.

Like the way Parrot and I talk with each other, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind is open, frank, and nakedly explicit in the way it talks about sex and relationships. It’s not explicit in a pornographic way, but my stories get to the point without hiding behind a cloud of euphemisms. As I often say, if you can’t talk (or read) about sex, you have no business having sex.

In short, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind is all about real sex — and really great sex at that — for real people.

Venice: You will be dearly missed Bobbie. Hopefully your blog will stay online, so others can get a chance to read your beautiful (dirty) mind, and enjoy what we got to enjoy while you were still here.

Christian Nymphos

Venice: This can be somewhat of a contradiction in terms. My first thought was Josh Duggar and his reputed devotion to his wife, Anna. It seemed that he received more media attention in the wake of Ashley Madison scandal and infidelities than he did as the eldest Duggar child before his nuptials. And of course, many of us were forced to assume that it was because of his strict and devout Christian upbringing that ultimately led to his downfall. Maybe, maybe not. Christian Nymphos is a great starting point (and would have been a great starting point for Josh Duggar) for couples who want to explore within the confines of monogamy and who want to “spice up the bedroom” without feelings of guilt. It caters to couples (comments from “singles” are automatically deleted, per the site’s guidelines) and fosters a feeling of community. It may not benefit everybody, but knowing there is a site like this does comfort me, and I can certainly appreciate its efforts in providing a Christian perspective in an area where one would not traditionally link it – sex.

Their Own Bio:

We recognize that nymphomania is a legitimate illness for some women and we don’t mean to minimize that in any way. We started referring to ourselves as nymphos long before we started our blog. We saw ourselves as incredibly passionate wives and found wonderful freedom in embracing our sexuality. The definition of a nympho is “a woman with abnormal sexual desires.” Sometimes we do feel abnormal, and while sometimes it is with people who are not Christians it can also be when we are in groups of Christian women. Moms groups. Ladies Bible studies. A night out with our Christian girlfriends. It is not uncommon to hear women speaking negatively about sex. It is also not at all uncommon for us to hear people telling us that our sexual standards are rigid and uptight because we are so firm in our conviction that sex as God intended it is most intensely fulfilled within the marriage covenant.

While our name includes the term “nympho,” we also first and foremost refer to ourselves as Christians. The core of our identity is that we belong to God and have a connection to Him because of our faith in the saving power of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. This allows us to submit all of our sexual desires to his authority so that our expressions of passion with our husbands are healthy and appropriate.

The word Nympho has a negative connotation for some. It doesn’t have to stay this way. Why can’t we take something “of the world” and make it into something good?

Ryan: Although the religious aspect may turn off some readers, it is still much different that the rest of the sex blogosphere. I do not wake up and say to myself, “I am an awful person. I am a pervert and a sinner.” I see myself as a good person, I feel like I do have a personal relationship with God, and the things I do outside of the “normal”, I only do with my wife right next to me.  As extreme as some of the things we do, we only do them together, including adding another woman to our bedroom.

Sex and Psychology

Venice: Dr. Lehmiller is a researcher and scholar who runs Sex and Psychology. A recent blog entitled, “Nearly 9 in 10 Studies in Relationships Exclude Sexual Minorities” was, to say the least, somewhat surprising and certainly disheartening. Why? Because I fall in the category of sexual minorities, e.g. lesbian, gay, or bisexual. What’s great about this site is that it is “not a personal, opinion-based blog; rather each article […] is rooted in science and actually sites the original research source.” What makes a blog personalized and respectable are the opinions and various viewpoints offered to the lay-Internet user. However, if you want a reputable site full of interesting and informative articles, check out this site.

His Own Bio:

Sex and Psychology was created in order to share the science of sex, love, and relationships in a way that is both engaging and accessible. It is departure from most of the other sexual advice websites out there, which are run by self-proclaimed experts who base their information largely upon their own personal experiences and beliefs. This is not a personal, opinion-based blog; rather, each article on here is rooted in science and actually cites the original research sources. The goal is for readers to learn responsible information about sex and relationships and to correct the numerous myths and misconceptions that actively harm our sexual health and well-being.

This website is run by Dr. Justin J. Lehmiller, who received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Purdue University. Dr. Lehmiller is an award winning educator, having been honored three times with the Certificate of Teaching Excellence from Harvard University. He is also a prolific researcher and scholar, having published more than 30 pieces of academic writing to date, including articles in some of the leading journals on sex and relationships, several book chapters, and two textbooks. Dr. Lehmiller’s research focuses on topics including casual sex, sexual fantasy, sexual health, and friends with benefits.

Ryan: Dr. Lehmiller is everything we are not. And we do not have a problem with saying that. Great site, great for researching our own answers to certain questions we get, and a lot of informative articles.

Average Married Dad

Ryan: This is not a sex blog.  This is more of a Sex, Life, And Everything blog. Although one of our long term goals was to have our blog focus on every aspect of our lives, from our favorite movies, to our random moments, most of our views came from the “sex” of our life. This is probably our own fault, being that we had Deepthroat Tutorials and Anal Sex Research blogs go viral when we first started blogging. However, we are interested in blogs that go beyond just sex. This blog is an example of that. It is extremely sex light, but life heavy. If you are looking for a great blog to follow, this is definitely one of them. And don’t worry, there aren’t 100 different dildo reviews here!

His Own Bio:

I’m a late 30’s father of two, just a regular guy like you.  I work a 9-5 job, have a house with a mortgage and have been married for over 14 years now.  Not too long ago I swallowed the Red Pill and my world view was changed permanently resulting in many changes.  Upon reading thousands of blog posts, hundreds of books, and incorporating some sweeping changes in my life, I’ve found my life, wife, and kids have all improved and the baseline has shifted.  This blog will be a mix of parenting, marriage, fitness, nutrition, personal finance and any other aspect of self- or life-improvement that I see fit to discuss.   You’ll read about my son, LoudBoy; my daughter, Birdsnest; and my wife, Holly.

Venice: Was our breakdown of this blog average or slightly boring? Well, this blog still has a lot of sex related material, it just happens to be geared more towards an average husband and his monogamous relationship with his wife. As most of our readers know, that was us for the first 15 years of our own relationship.

Spice Up My Marriage

Venice: From topics regarding The Art Cinema to Pegging Your Husband. We need more sex blogs like this, directed at couples and how to keep things in the bedroom hot and steamy. Hopefully they ramp back up their content in 2016, as they had a slight slow down at the end of the year.  Let’s keep things nice and spicey!

Their Own Bio:

A blog where we encourage every couple in a long-term, committed relationship to learn ways to keep the spice in their relationship and grow closer together thanks to the happiness from the deep emotional and physical connections fostered by mutual pleasure.

What they are not? They are not a porn site, a hook-up site, or a judgmental place.

Ryan: Sounds familiar!

Behind The Curtains – A Secret Diary Of A Couple

Ryan: This site is really a photo blog, filled with great shots of a couple sharing themselves on the internet. Updated regularly and extremely fun and hot. There are a lot of other blogs out there updating each day on tumbler with photos, but the photos are professional or just random nude models posted on social media.  This site isn’t random, as each photo is of the couple having fun together, being nude, and spicing up their marriage. This is the same reason we started our own blog!

Their Own Bio:

This is our secret-sinner-dark-side diary. We are a couple in love that uses this blog to share our secret side and explore what other couples do to spice up their private lives and find some hot things for us to do.

Venice: There are probably 100s of couples’ blogs similar to this, including the endless twitter accounts filled with self photos of couples having sex or in sexual poses. This couple just happens to have a blog that’s easy to find. This slot if interchangeable with your own favorite exhibitionist couple. I know that’s a cop out for a top sex blog list, but there really are just too many to chose from. To bring it back to more than just photos, but self-portraits and great content, I will list a few of our previous top blogs below for you to enjoy (although not really couple driven).

My name is Molly Moore and I am a Blogger, Photographer, Published author, Public speaker and Podcaster.

My husband and I met on-line 5 years ago and embarked on a 18 month-long distance relationship, as he lived in the USA, In July 2011 he finally made the move across the pond and we got married. This is a second marriage for both of us. Our relationship is based on negotiated inequality, in that he is the dominant partner and I am the submissive partner for one very simple reason; because we love it that way. It works for both us. It is a relationship based on trust, love, communication and maybe most importantly of all consent.

My blog is a mix of sex toy reviews, sexuality opinion pieces, sensual self-portraiture, fancy sex to photography, erotic tales, and more! The main goal of my blog and work is to normalize sex, sex toys, and nudity through open discussion, creativity, and sex positivity. While I don’t believe sex is actually “dirty,” I love reclaiming the word in a positive way.

The Beautiful Kind is a sex-positive community blog led by Kendra Holliday…  Here, you can get advice, share experiences, and explore new ideas about sexuality and relationships. This site strives to bring shy folks out of their shell, and offer a safe haven for those exploring their sexually creative side. Our sexuality is connected to every aspect of our lives. All genders, sexual orientations, lifestyles, and fetishes are welcome here. Open, honest, and authentic, The Beautiful Kind is sure to entertain, educate, titillate, and inspire.

Venice: So we pretty much just cheated and gave you 4 blogs for 1 spot. What can I say, I’m a softie for bloggers openly taking self portraits and sharing themselves with the world. Plus, most of the time I look at their blogs and photos and get the strong urge to hop in Ryan’s lap. Who says beautiful self-portraits, sex articles, and great opinion pieces can’t be for couples?!!  I bet Ryan doesn’t mind!

Red Lipstick Project

Venice: Her blogs are quirky and straightforward. In other words, they speak to me in my language. Emily is the Founder of Red Lipstick Project and a Health/Relationship Coach. She’s honest as fuck and her writing is fresh and inviting to the 21st century woman. “The Dating Mantra for People Who Give Zero F*cks”

Her Own Bio:

Founder of Red Lipstick Project and Health/Relationship coach. I help people fall in love with life. I work with women who want to follow their passions, find what makes them uniquely healthy and turns them on.

Ryan: Hopefully she will stay active (or become more active) in 2016, because some of us love her work.  In fact, I talked with Venice about taking her 30 day orgasm challenge (removing the word multiple). Not for me, because I’ve surpassed that by a few years, but Venice probably orgasms 2 to 3 times a week.  It would be interesting to see how she responds to having an orgasm each day for 30 days. Although for a man this is easy work, it would definitely be a sex positive/healthy challenge for Venice.  I removed the word “multiple” from the challenge, as I do not think that’s possible.  Or is it…

In Bed With Married Women

Venice: Not what you think it is based off the title. What did I think? I thought it was a blog about a man who wrote about all the married women he has bedded. Although I am sure there is a blog like that out there, this is not that.

Her Own Bio:

In Bed With Married Women is a place to talk about sex in all its funny, weird, boring, smokin’ hot glory. Knowledge = power and all that.

Ryan: I tried to find the original purpose behind her blog name, because her bio doesn’t explain much. I went back to 2010 and saw a series, “True Wife’s Tale”, which seems to be stories about various married women’s bedroom antics and their sex lives. The original article seemed to be in question and answer format with a married woman answering questions about what her sex life is like.  I can only assume that the name “In Bed With Married Women” was at first a blog that was going to talk about  married women’s sex lives, but gradually turned into a full on sex blog. Either way, it’s updated regularly and has enough material for you to spend weeks, if not months on, just catching up.  And…Married men are still curious about what married women privately think about their sex lives!

Ann St Vincent

Venice: With an introduction like “My Journey through marriage, open marriage, divorce, being a mom, sexual, rebirth, online dating, relationships, and lots of sex,” how could there be anyone out there NOT relate? Ann St Vincent pretty much covers most of the free world. Ann writes in relatable, conversational language in an array of topics. Go to the subject in the menu “About My Lovers” and you can read about her lovers, men she’s slept with, quick and dirty encounters, and Johnny Id. She’s a riot.

Her Own Bio:

I am an executive businesswoman living in a big city in my early 40s.  I am also a Mom; my son Liam lives with me every other week.

This blog is my journal.

The turbulence in the last few years in my life – involving an open marriage and taking advantage of it, divorce, sexual reawakening, online dating – all while navigating equal custody of my son and trying to maintain a good relationship with my ex – inspired me to get back to writing.

Unlike many divorced women, I am not bitter or angry at my ex for the breakdown of our marriage.  We both agreed we should go our separate ways.  I don’t regret my choices.  I’m pretty happy.  I’m not using a dating coach (yet).  I’m not looking to replace my husband and get re-married.  What I am, after a 15-year almost totally sexless relationship, is very keen on coming back to life, fulfilling every physical and emotional desire I have.

So far, so good. Life is fun and quite messy and I’m just figuring it out as I go along.

Everything here is true and my first hand, un-embellished experience, but the names of those I mention are disguised to protect the guilty. Enjoy.

Ryan: This blog is an absolute winner in every category for us. We have always enjoyed the sex/life blogs that are in diary/journal format.

Two Horny Guys

Venice: This blog is maintained by a gay couple who post a lot of fantasies, with photos of random gay models/scenarios to match.

Their Own Bio:

We are two. We are guys. And yes, we are horny all the time. And we are also in love with each other for more than 8 years already. This blog/website/whatever is intended to share our sexual adventures, fantasies and desires with anyone interested in knowing how’s the sexual life of a gay couple. But don’t get us wrong: we’re not here to represent gay couples. Every person is a different person and every gay couple are two different persons.

We will, occasionally, post pictures of ourselves here. But we won’t show our face. We believe that this option will allow us to feel more free about what we write and the personal stories we tell. You can know more about us by reading our posts, but let us give you just a small introduction:

We are (very much) into threesomes. We are also into foursomes, orgies, group sex, and so on. We are both versatile but play more as top, therefore we prefer to have fun with bottoms. We like to watch gay porn. Together or individually. We don’t like porn made in studies that recreate tacky hotel rooms with ugly paintings on the wall. Well, some of them may be worth it. We think that toilets spoil many pictures that otherwise could be hot. We prefer hairy guys. But there are (many) exceptions to this.

Ryan: If Venice were a man, this would be the blog I would subscribe to to get my gay couple fix. Filter out all the photos and it does have a lot of entertaining content and thoughts. This type of blog takes time because they have random photos that match all of their fantasies/stories, and I can appreciate that.