Cooking And Sex

Cooking and Blow JobsRyan and I have fetishes. He told me last night that his fetish was sex and that my fetish was food. And it’s true – I love a good meal, always choosing leftovers over fast food. It doesn’t turn me on to gamble with food I pick up through the drive through window. I have too many fast food horror stories, e.g. finding a wasp in my tomato slice (thank you, McDonald’s) and a wadded up napkin in my milkshake (fuck you, Steak n’ Shake). I hate fast food. I wish it would die.

Four days ago he told me that he appreciated me and everything I do for him. This wasn’t a new thing for him to say or for me to hear. I know he appreciates me because he tells me everyday. And he knows that I know because he makes sure I know. This is how Our Circle works – constant reminders to each other, ongoing, never stopping. So, what other way to show his appreciation for me than to promise to cook for me every day? How could I turn that down?! He’s kept his promise to grill for me every Friday for the past 4 years. Every Friday for 4 years has been so much better because I looked forward to his steaks, to spending time with him, and to be spoiled with his kindness and appreciation. I was never a big steak eater, but because he was cooking for me, I found myself becoming a steak connoisseur once a week.

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