Random Moments: What If We Were Cavemen?

So Venice and I were out running errands one night.  I was on a mission to find multi-colored Christmas tree lights that blinked and every store I went to had nothing.  It seems like the days of beautiful fun amazing awesome cool super galactic best ever awesomely awesome lights are no more.  I found a few packs that had lights almost the size of actual light bulbs that fit my description, but not good enough.  I really wanted the small lights that have been on every Christmas tree I have ever had, except I wanted them colored with 8 different modes so they could blink or dance at the push of a button.  Forget presents, forget delicious food, forget cookies and pies, it isn’t Christmas without these lights.  While on this mission I grabbed a drink from the cooler near the register.  Little did I know, Venice was thirsty but for whatever reason she didn’t grab her own drink.  Usually if she is thirsty I grab a brand we like to share, but on this day, I was extremely dehydrated from the strenuous journeys to the Christmas aisles.  I grabbed a drink that I knew would go down easy and replenishes my body with its delicious flavor.  This drink is called Mt. Dew, maybe you guys have heard of it?  Apparently Venice hates Mt. Dew  with all her heart and would rather die of thirst than take a drink of it.

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