Threesome Memoirs – I Fucked A Girl With A Strap On

strap on sexI’ve always wondered what it would be like to have sex with a woman.  And by sex, I don’t mean eating her out as I finger her. I mean putting on a strap on and full out fucking her.

Yesterday, I got to do just that

Ever since our last lunch date (The Naughty Lunch Break),  she and I have been texting each other trying to coordinate dates and times for another get together.  It’s tough because there are three of us have that have to get our schedules straight, not just two.  I told her about my fantasy of using a strap-on on her and she happily replied, “I want you to do that to me.”  Immediately my mind began to race thinking about doing this to her.

Throughout that morning, we had our own version of “porn tag,” sending pictures to each other of women with strap-ons.  I wasn’t for certain if she was ready for us to do this, but when she sent me a few live pictures of her own juices while she was at work, I knew.

It seemed as if we both were very anxious about our date because we arrived at our house much sooner than the agreed-upon time.  As we walked in the door I squeezed her butt cheek.  She looked back at me with a sneaky smile.  We didn’t speak more than a few words because we were eager and hungry to rip each others clothes off.  Ryan hopped in the shower to freshen up.  I immediately began kissing her and stripping off her blouse.  I unbuttoned her slacks and let them fall to the ground.  I grabbed both of her butt cheeks and felt how full my hands were.  For a slim woman, her ass is disproportionately bigger than the rest of her body and I couldn’t resist holding and squeezing. She kissed on my neck as I slid her red thongs down her thighs.

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