COVID-19 Coronavirus Live Tracker | World | United States

COVID-19 Coronavirus Live Tracker | World | United States | Georgia

We are trying to embed a few sources to make it easier for those that read our blog that want to get updated information regarding this Coronavirus pandemic.  The truth is, we really want to keep track ourselves and it is just way easier to click here with all the graphs and embeds to see what is going on in the world / United States / Georgia.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases:

Coronavirus COVID-19 United States Cases:

Another link that deals strictly with the United States and tracking the Coronavirus COVID-19:

Live update of the entire United States

COVID-19 Coronavirus Georgia, U.S. Live Tracker per County:

Here is a map specifically of the Coronavirus in Georgia and each county.  

We will add other states as we are provided with them.    You can find a direct link to this page here.  


How To Stay Safe:

Your refrigerators do not kill the virus.  Any food you put in the fridge needs to be cleaned off prior to putting in the fridge.  Cold temperatures may put bacteria on hold but viruses thrive in cold conditions.  We made this mistake ourselves and assumed that our fridge was a safe place to put our food when we got home.  Your food must be wiped down with sanitary wipes.

If you wear a mask, do not touch your face or mask.  Wearing the mast is useless if you have to reposition your mask or touch your face.  And because masks get uncomfortable you tend to touch your face much more because you are wearing a mask.   Once your contaminated hands touch the mask, you will be breathing in the virus the entire time.  

Gloves are not magic.   Just because you are wearing gloves does not mean you are virus free.  A lot of people wear gloves all throughout the day as if that means they are being safe.  Much like those without gloves, you still have to keep your hands away from your face and wash your hands (gloves) after each possible contamination.  In other words, washing your hands may be safer than wearing gloves, because you will probably be more attentive to washing your hands without the gloves on.  

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