10 Things A Woman Should Not Say To A Man On A First Date

hiding2For fun, Ryan and I have created a list of 10 things a woman should not say on her first date.  We will post our “10 Things a Man Shouldn’t Say” in our next blog.  If you have some things you think a woman shouldn’t say on her first date, please add them to the comment box below.

10. “Although I’ve had a lot of one night stands, I decided that wasn’t who I was anymore.  I’m a reborn virgin.  In fact, I don’t plan on kissing another man until after I am married.  I’m so glad I met you!”

9. “Well, 3 of my kids are horrible…but hey, at least that is only a 50% bad to good ratio right?!”

8. “Well, my current husband is in prison because he murdered one of my boyfriends.  I’m trying to save money to post bond.”

7. “Well, I for one would rather swallow than have some strange man’s semen all over my shirt.  You know?”

6. “I knew when I first saw you pull up I wanted to marry you.  Let’s just do it now!”

5.  “If a man is under 8 inches, I would rather not waste my time on him.”

4. “Bartender, give me 2 more rounds please?!   Listen, I’ve only been gang banged a few times, mostly when I am drunk.  I only did it once sober and hated it.”

3. “Even though my parents still call me Bob, you can call me Bobbi.”

2. “Ha!  Mine used to be way bigger than that!”

1. “Even though I am married doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time you know?  My husband knows all about it, he just wants to sit in the closet and film us okay?”

Comment and add your own below!

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