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Our ideas, philosophies, and beliefs may change as we build a stronger relationship and advance as a couple.   Explanation:  Each day we are growing as a couple because of all the people we meet and socialize with daily.  We like to keep our minds open to different ideas so our thoughts and perceptions on different topics may change with time. We choose to learn, discuss, communicate with each other, and keep our ideas open to come up with new ways to enjoy each other and our life together.

We are a husband and wife team, Venice Bloggs and Ryan Bloggs, who have been married for over 15 years in an absolutely monogamous relationship.   On the 15th year, we decided to open up our bedroom to other women in order to allow to Venice explore her curiosities with Ryan by her side.  We will share our new and old experiences as a couple, and give insight into our compatibility.  Our high sex drives contribute to us having a very active sex life.   Both of us  love to talk about sex and share our experiences with whoever will listen.  Usually most couples consider this openness a fault, as too much honesty can be a little too real for most people.  We have decided to write a blog about our past and present experiences while giving the readers an option to submit questions that we will both answer.  If you have questions about us, sex, limitations, relationships, or are just interested in our opinions on certain issues, send us a letter and we will respond here on the blog.

Venice Bloggs is a college-educated Asian woman with her Masters in Education. She is very bisexual and finds a woman’s body just as sexy as a man’s, if not more. In the bedroom her attitude is bi-polar, as she can play the role of a very passive female, willing to do anything Ryan wants, or take complete control. There are times when she will cry while being intimate, and other times she will ride her husband and hold a pillow over his head until she orgasms. 

Ryan Bloggs is a college-educated professional and prides himself in his sense of humor and loyalty. He is straight.   Sexually, he will try anything with his wife, Venice, as long as it is just between the two of them.

As a couple we are continually growing and changing, and even though we prided ourselves in our monogamous sex life for over 15 years, it’s the communication between us regarding other issues that keep us close.   Our sex life is in a perpetual state of change.  If somewhere down the line one of us gets bored and strays, what good is it to brag about how monogamous we each were until he/she got bored and moved on to another person and life?  We are open to change as long as we both discuss with each other and figure out what can help us keep things fun in the bedroom while also keeping our bond with each other strong.  Life is changing, our bodies are changing, our relationship changes daily, so we change with it.  We are not close-minded to any lifestyle and enjoy the idea of thinking outside of the box.  We’ve had FFM threesomes and both of us enjoy playing with other girls together.  Rather than feeling jealousy, we’ve learned to turn the other woman in the bedroom into a new form of foreplay.

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